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Week of 2/28/2014:

Medium | Work-Life Haven: Why Entrepreneurs And Digital Nomads Are Settling In Bali
Need a serious break from the office? There may be a spot for you at Hubud, Bali’s first major coworking space. Pointing to beautiful weather, the low cost of living, and a creative atmosphere, Hubud co-founder Peter Wall explains why entrepreneurs are flocking to the Indonesian island. Talking with digital nomads inspired by their new lifestyles, Chris Byrne explores the landscape of Bali’s growing startup community.

HBR Blog | Established Companies, Get Ready For The Collaborative Economy
The old one-way street of companies selling to customers is giving way to less formal platforms and products designed for sharing. According to new research by Vision Critical, more than 113 million people across the US, UK, and Canada now engage with each other using services like Etsy, Uber, and Airbnb. Alexandra Samuel analyzes what the disruptive rise of a collaborative economy means for big brands.

The Guardian | Switching To A Virtual Office Proves A Smart Move For Engineering Firm Bete
It’s hard to shake an office-based culture, but the decision was clear for Bete, a UK nozzle manufacturing firm that grew out of a home-based business. Noting the personal, environmental, and financial benefits, the company is now saving thousands in office costs. Using Bete as a case study, Sabuhi Mir looks at the business practices needed to successfully blend online work with the office.

NBC | Permanent Vacation: Digital Nomads Work From The Road
With the accelerating pace of business in a world more competitive than ever, finding time for work and travel can seem impossible. But for some independent workers, the two lifestyles go hand in hand. Citing oDesk’s recent survey, “Digital Nomads: A Revolution in Work Freedom,” Tanya Mohn considers why—and how—a growing number of freelancers and entrepreneurs are building their businesses on the move.

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