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Week of 3/28/2014:

The New York Times | A Side Business As A Way To Gain Financial Security
Do you have a backup plan for your day job? Even in a rebounding global economy, many are seeking financial security by balancing full-time jobs with entrepreneurship or freelance work. Giving a nod to other Millennials who have grown small businesses on the side, Kimberly Palmer describes her own journey building a hybrid career.

HBR Blog | Google’s Scientific Approach To Work-Life Balance (and Much More)
How does one of the of the world’s most data-driven companies measure their employee’s happiness and productivity? Google’s head of HR Laszlo Bock explains gDNA, their comprehensive approach to discovering work-life balance insights. So far, they’ve found that many Googlers who want to separate work and personal time, can’t seem to stop themselves from checking their email — constantly. Looking ahead, Bock provides key questions that will help point long-term workplace research in the right direction.

Fast Company | 4 Strategies To Make Your Office A Place Where People Can Focus
Whether small or large, open or divided by cubicles, today’s offices surround people with constant interruptions. Speaking with productivity consultant Laura Stack, Laura Vanderkam highlights her tips and guidelines to help your team have the opportunity and space to concentrate and collaborate.

The Daily Beast | Is Crowdsourced Labor The Future Of Middle Class Employment?
With part-time, freelance, and cooperative work eroding the model of traditional work, more and more people are leaving the workforce to create their own schedules. “With Obamacare decoupling employment and health insurance, over 2 million Americans are expected to voluntarily leave their jobs to pursue anything but a cubicle by 2024,” writes Sarah Kunst. She explores the economics of crowdsourced work in the midst shifting labor markets and uncertain legislation.

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