Digital Nomads

If you’re a Digital Nomad, or if you dream of becoming one, you no doubt have a wishlist of places you’d like to go in the world.

In our Digital Nomad survey, we asked: “Which city do you most dream of visiting?” The results, from more than 600 responses, spanned from Drogheda, Ireland to Cape Town, South Africa. The collection of dream destinations paints quite a picture!


New York and Paris easily topped the list, with Tokyo, London and Rome rounding out the top five. Which other cities made the cut? Here’s a look at the top 15:

  1. New York, U.S. (11%)
  2. Paris, France (11%)
  3. Tokyo, Japan (5%)
  4. London, England (4%)
  5. Rome, Italy (4%)
  6. San Francisco, U.S. (4%)
  7. Sydney, Australia (3%)
  8. Venice, Italy (3%)
  9. Los Angeles, U.S. (2%)
  10. Barcelona, Spain (2%)
  11. Las Vegas, U.S. (1%)
  12. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (1%)
  13. Dubai, United Arab Emirates. (1%)
  14. San Diego, U.S. (1%)
  15. Berlin, Germany (1%)

Here are the top 15 cities pinned on a world map.

Digital Nomads survey: “Which city do you most dream of visiting?” (map)

Where would you most like to go? Share your dream destination in the comments!

feature image by Jerry Ferguson (CC BY 2.0) 

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