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Week of 4/22/2014:

Forbes | It’s Time To Rethink The ‘Employee Engagement’ Issue
Founder of Bersin Deloitte, Josh Bersin, shares his perspective on workplace engagement—or what he says needs to go beyond “engagement” to fully-committed relationships. He believes that businesses seeking to create inclusive, passionate, and multi-generational teams need to rethink their approach to measuring and motivating employees. If not, he argues, businesses will continue to see people disengaging themselves from organizations that do not engage, inspire, or motivate them.

Business 2 Community | Succeeding in a Results Only Work Environment
This post from Dan Schawbel’s Personal Branding Blog discusses the merits of transitioning your business toward a results only work environment (“ROWE”), or bypassing the traditional organizational chaos by hiring the right people with the skills needed to complete a project at a particular point in time. Looking at Zappos’ “holacracy” program—which replaces managers and bosses with committee-like circles of employees—and the Lattice Network model that W.L. Gore & Associates (the makers of Gore-Tex) use to manage their business effectively, there are many examples that prove success is all about performance at work.

Officing Today | Is the End of the Traditional Office in Sight? How Business Center Owners and Operators Can Benefit
More companies than ever before—the author, Aaron Hopkins, cites 60 percent—are employing virtual teams and moving away from traditional office space, bridging the distance with collaboration and innovation. With new ways to connect and work together emerging regularly, businesses with remote teams are increasing efficiency while keeping costs down. Recognizing that the traditional office is not going to go away, it’s important for business leaders and entrepreneurs to understand the benefits—access to talent, cost savings, flexibility—of working with a blended team.

Huffington Post | 10 Great Sites To Find Gigs And Part-Time Work
For those looking to escape a nine-to-five job in search of more flexible work, Nancy Collamer put together a list of ten great sites for freelancers to find work opportunities. And it’s not just a list for younger gig seekers; Collamer makes a point of highlighting resources for older professionals looking for interesting opportunities. Divided into sections like “best overall” and “seasonal and summer jobs,” this list should satisfy your curiosity and flexible work needs.

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Amy Partridge

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