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Week of 4/4/2014:

PolicyMic | How To Become A Successful Freelancer In 6 Months
Despite the recovering economy, many displaced and unemployed Americans are still looking for real alternatives to full-time office work. Elizabeth Nicholas shares how she found her calling in freelance writing, detailing the valuable lessons she learned along the way that shaped her experience.

Inc. | The Best Personalities To Work From Home (Think Neurotics)
Wondering if you’d be a great fit for remote work? Researchers at the University of Calgary recently conducted a study on the personalities of remote workers, measuring the correlation between certain traits, job satisfaction, and out-of-office job performance. Laura Montini explains the findings and explores assistant professor Thomas O’Neill’s interpretation that job dissatisfaction strongly predicts slacking off.

Financial Times | The Future Is Freelance – And That Is Healthy
With the number of self-employed set to outpace government employees in Britain over the next three years, freelancers will have a louder voice than ever before on issues like healthcare, taxes, and small business regulation. Risk Capital Partner’s Luke Johnson forecasts the political and societal impacts of an economy that’s increasingly dependent on solo entrepreneurs.

Source | Making Remote Work Work: Christopher Groskopf’s Tricks For Going To The Office Without Going To The Office
Working remotely and looking for specific advice on buying gear, setting up home offices, and choosing programming tools? In a case study filled with telling examples, practical tips, and amusing personal anecdotes, Christopher Groskopf sums up his remote experience, so far, as a developer and project manager at NPR.

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