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Week of 5/12/2014:

BRW | Future of Work: How the Freelance Revolution is Changing the Meaning of a ‘Day Job’

Brad Howarth says freelancers—or “soloists”—are redefining the 9-to-5 job and positively influencing the Australian labor market. And, he notes, it’s not just about the soloists; complementary businesses are launching and growing to make the hiring process easier.

Facing a skills shortage and rising wages throughout the country, Howarth explains that Australian businesses are increasingly hiring across a wide range of skills—from writing and web design to lawyers to architects.

The Telegraph | Starting Salaries for Permanent Staff Accelerate

Sharing the findings of a recent REC/KPMG Report on Jobs, Alan Tovey reveals that UK salaries have risen to the highest level since July 2007.

Inviting opinions from local experts and financial advisors to explain the rationale for this increase, Tovey explains that the overwhelming opinion is that the rise is driven by competition: there is a growing skills gap in the UK coupled with fewer candidates looking for full-time employment.

In addition, companies tend to focus on talent with a proven track record, and Tovey highlights that to meet demand, organizations will need to consider new sources.

The Guardian | How to Survive as a Freelancer

The idea of setting your own schedule and choosing what projects to work on sounds idyllic, but before diving head first into the world of freelancing, Anita Sethi reminds professionals to think through their finances before fully adopting independent work.

Calling out perks like sick days and insurance packages that come with full-time employment, Sethi speaks with expert Joy Cantlon, managing director of The Company Books, who runs through a list of financial considerations that freelancers of all experience levels need to account for.

Daily News Buzz | Survey Reveals Greatest Challenges in Managing Remote Teams

Do you manage a remote technical team of one, 10, or 100+ freelancers? If so, a new survey of Canadian chief information officers (CIOs) shows you’ve likely experienced issues with technology, communication, and productivity.

To overcome these hurdles, Daily Business Buzz advises managers to clearly outline their projects, leverage and integrate a suite of free technological tools (Skype, Google Hangout, among others), encourage facetime whenever possible, and connect regularly with their teams—on and offsite.

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