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For many people, July and August are a good time for a getaway, but going away can be hard when you run your own business. Before you grab your sunscreen and hit the road for a much-deserved break, consider giving your business a boost while you’re away kicking your feet up.

How? Hire experienced freelancers to keep your business moving forward while you relax.

Free yourself from the stress of having to catch up — as much — when you get back. Or you can help keep your staff supported while their colleagues head off to points unknown for the summer; hire a team or individual freelancers to tackle projects while they’re out.

Here are our six top tips to help you have a productive and relaxing summer:

1. Use great content to attract new customers to your website.

Build momentum while you’re out by attracting new customers to your website or blog with useful and relevant information. Hire an article writer on oDesk to create content about topics like new developments, trends or best practices. You can enjoy the sun while that new content introduces your business to potential new customers.

2. Make sure that shiny new content shows up.

An SEO specialist can assess whether all your new web content will get the love you’re looking for from Google and other search engines. A freelancer can make sure your posts are structured to rise to the top of search results when potential customers are looking for information.

3. Keep your current customers happy, too.

Getting new customers is important to help grow your business, but so is holding on to your current customers! As you work to bring new visitors into the sales funnel via your website, make sure your existing customers are also having a positive experience.

A customer support freelancer can oversee that important interaction, whether they help with technical support, taking incoming orders, or answering FAQs. They can also schedule client meetings while you’re away, so you’re prepared to hit the ground running when you get back.

4. You’re on the move; make sure your business is mobile, too.

Chances are you’ll use your smartphone or another device to keep an eye on news, events — and maybe a bit of work — while you’re out of the office. Your clients are doing the same thing.

A summer escape is a great time to hire a mobile app developer to help modernize your business. If you like to use your downtime to learn new skills, we’ve also published an informative series that explains how to create your own mobile app.

5. Have strategic information waiting when you get back.

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end — and getaways are no different. However, you can hire an Internet marketing specialist while you’re away and come back with a leg up on your competition. A freelancer can help assess your margins, analyze competitors and pricing, sharpen your differentiators, or suggest fruitful avenues for expansion.

6. Bring in a virtual admin to help keep you focused.

Once you’re rested and recharged, keep that balance going until your next vacation with some external support. Hire a virtual assistant to help you manage operational tasks, do research, or keep your calendar organized. Here’s some on-point advice that can help you get ready for a virtual assistant.

So pass the sunscreen, but don’t pass on the opportunity to keep your business growing while you’re away. Take that much-needed trip and keep the work flowing by hiring freelancers to build on your strengths.

Rest assured you’re in good hands, as a world of talented freelancers are ready to lend a hand. Have a great summer and bon voyage!

A version of this post originally appeared on the Elance blog.

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