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Week of 8/26/2014:

Entrepreneur | Can Your Business Live Without You?

Do you find it difficult, if not impossible, to ignore work while on vacation? Do you constantly check your email or contact the office for updates when you should be relaxing by the pool? Leadership Development Adviser and Executive Coach Beth Miller recommends delegating your responsibilities. A great leader must learn to rely on an effective management team.

Do you have reservations about relinquishing the reins? Miller suggests creating a succession plan. First, focus on recruiting top talent, so that your work is left in capable hands. Second, fully assess the strengths and weaknesses of your management team. Finally, identify and implement changes accordingly, so that you can enjoy much-deserved time away.

Human Resource Executive Online | Seeking Flexibility in the C-Suite

Most people want to achieve work-life balance. A senior-level employee, in particular, is expected to work longer hours and will encounter rigorous demands. However, staff writer Mark McGraw of Human Resource Executive Magazine reports that an executive-level professional is less likely to address work-life issues in an interview and/or during the early stages of employment.

McGraw encourages organizations and human resource leaders to recognize the reluctance to discuss the issue and, in turn, offer a customized solution to meet each individual’s needs.

The Wall Street Journal | Susan Duffy: 3 Lessons Learned in Creating Gender-Balanced Entrepreneurship

From shattering the glass ceiling to trailblazing the entrepreneurial road, Susan Duffy champions the overwhelming benefits of diverse entrepreneurship. Gender balance will impact a company’s success and long-term economic growth.

As executive director of the Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership, Duffy shares three lessons on how to motivate and sustain gender balance in the future.

  • Redefine the social narrative by focusing on equitable “women-owned ventures.”
  • Redefine start-up success so that unfamiliar yet representative start-ups attract well-deserved funding.
  • Redesign venture accelerators, giving them a makeover to address the gender-imbalance often found in these startup-focused programs.

Ultimately, achieving an accurate and representative gender balance will lead to better-performing ventures.

Financial Times | How to Achieve a Work-Life Balance

Do you consider yourself a workaholic? Occasionally spending just one more hour in the office is fine, but achieving and maintaining long-term balance is critical.

Santos manager Angela Ogier stresses the importance of open dialogue between yourself and an employer: set realistic goals and expectations, communicate clearly, and ensure that they are aware of any lifestyle changes.

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