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Week of 8/4/2014:

The Globe and Mail | Travel the World and Still Get a Paycheque: The Allure of a Results-Only Workplace

Canadian businesses are increasingly considering the adoption of results-only work environment (ROWE) policies to restructure the workplace away from passive face time toward one that is focused on performance — with potentially big benefits for their staff.

Looking at businesses like Mabel’s Labels, Erin Anderssen makes a case for Canadians who need or want to work away from the office, whether traveling or taking care of family.

Addressing critics who say remote work policies aren’t for every industry, Anderssen points out research that continues to show remote work can increase productivity while decreasing stress levels.

Business Insider | How to Find the Best Places to Live When You Work Remotely

There’s a new tool for Digital Nomads — professionals who work from wherever they choose, tapping into the rise of location-independent jobs. — a crowdsourced collection of cities around the world — lets anyone sort destinations based on criteria like weather, Internet speed and estimated cost of living.

Dylan Love reports that Chiang Mai, Thailand, currently tops the list for lowest cost of living. Hong Kong leads another list: countries with the fastest broadband speeds.

Harvard Business Review | The Skills Leaders Need at Every Level

What does it take to be a leader these days? Recent analysis by Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman ranked 16 leadership qualities and found the top skills are essentially the same for CEOs as lower level managers.

The ability to inspire and motivate topped the list, with “high integrity and honesty” and “sales problems and analyses issues” not far behind.

Zenger and Folkman say the results show that “there are a set of skills that are critical to you throughout your career. And if you wait until you’re a top manager to develop strategic perspective, it will be too late.”

Wall Street Cheat Sheet | 15 Legitimate Work-At-Home Careers That You Wouldn’t Expect

Some professionals excel when working from home — are you one of them? If you’re looking for more freedom and flexibility in your career, Erika Rawes compiled a list of 15 unexpected jobs you can do from the comfort of your living room. Topping the list? A senior spacecraft mechanical engineer.

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