Hello oDeskers, and welcome to the latest installment of the What’s New blog. Today we’re excited to tell you about a new feature that allows freelancers to link their portfolio items to contracts they’ve completed on oDesk.

This change lets clients see the work that was delivered alongside the details of the job, giving a fuller picture of the freelancer’s work history. It also verifies that portfolios represent actual projects completed on oDesk. Take advantage of this feature to tell the story of what you delivered and how you delivered it, building a more complete, credible, and standout profile!

Here’s how a linked portfolio item will look to a client browsing a freelancer’s Work History:

Portfolio 1
When a client clicks on a linked portfolio item, they’ll see details about the job and the portfolio:

 Portfolio 2


How to link portfolio items to your work history:

Currently, this feature is only available for portfolio items in the Design & Multimedia, Software Development, Web Development, and Writing & Translation categories. To link an existing portfolio item to an oDesk contract, click “Edit” on the item you wish to link. You’ll see an option to connect it to one of your oDesk contracts. For new portfolio items, click “Add” a Portfolio Project, create a new portfolio entry, and link it to one of your oDesk contracts when prompted:

Portfolio 3


Portfolio 4
To maintain trust and privacy, we ask that you contact your client for permission to post the portfolio item. In addition, we’ll automatically email the client when a portfolio item has been linked, giving them three days to reject it. If they don’t reject it in the time allotted, the item will be publicly linked to your work history.

As always, we value your feedback and discussion and welcome you to join the conversation on the forum.

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Happy Working,

The oDesk Crew