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When you have a popular app, the support tickets can really add up. When the team at Tango started to feel bogged down, they realized that their customer service team needed to scale up — and fast.

Tango is a leading mobile messaging app with more than 270 million users worldwide. But with the energy wrapped up in providing support, there was little time left to focus on other work.

“I needed to find some help to free up my local team to tackle more value-added projects,” said marketing manager Art Grigovia, who previously managed customer support.

Art leveraged oDesk to build a global customer support team. As he explains in this video, Tango’s remote team started with one freelancer — and quickly grew from there.

How Messaging App Tango Built a Global Customer Support Team with oDesk
from Elance-oDesk on Vimeo.

Start seeing impact at your company — find your own customer service pros on oDesk.  

Amy Sept

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