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How to Get Started Building Your Remote Support Team

Building a remote customer support team has a lot of advantages, like the potential to leverage time zones for 24/7 support or to connect international customers with local representatives. Once you decide it’s the right move for you, however, how do you get started?

Building a great remote team takes planning, effort, and even some hands-on learning. For example, a bit of pre-planning can help you identify the qualities you’re looking for, get a clear understanding of what you need professionals to do, and cast a wide net when searching for talent.

Once you’ve engaged several customer support pros, there are additional steps you can take to equip your team for success. Learn ways to get started…

An Introduction to Marketing

Marketing is part of any enterprise that needs to promote or sell a product or service, which makes it essential to any business. However, it’s so broad that it can easily be misunderstood or simply seem overwhelming.

This high-level overview looks at key tactics, different approaches to marketing, and the link that ties promotional efforts to sales. Learn why marketing is fuel for your business…

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Amy Sept

Managing Editor

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