At Upwork, we highly value agencies that create strong teams of freelancers on our platform, and we realize the importance they bring in creating great work for their clients.

With this in mind, we’re now queuing up several updates, and in the weeks and months to come we’ll continue improving experiences for agencies on our marketplace. Here is a sneak peek at upcoming developments.

Updates to permissions

In the Agency Roster you’ll soon see this modification:

  • New Hide profile rate option: Select this box to limit a freelancer from seeing his or her profile rate and contract earnings, or contract rates and earnings on the agency’s profile. This will automatically limit the freelancer’s profile visibility to be “Upwork Users only” or “Hidden.”

Agency Profile - Hide profile rate

Here are upcoming changes to existing permissions:

  • Accepting offers: Agency Freelancers will no longer be able to accept offers unless they are also Business Managers (aka “Staffing Managers”).
  • Submitting milestones: Business Managers will be able to submit milestones for any open agency contract. Previously, only hired freelancers could do this.
  • Viewing Work Diary: All agency contractors with full Work Diary permissions can view the Work Diaries of other freelancers in their agency, across the agency’s contracts. Other permissions options include “View Self” or “None.”

When these changes become official, we’ll notify you within Upwork. To learn more now, feel free to read details of upcoming permission changes in this help article.

This is only the beginning.

We have even more in store to help agencies be successful on Upwork. We’ll keep you posted on updates, and welcome your feedback on ways to improve your experience and success.