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  • Talk about why you prefer one programming language over another
  • Explain common myths about the design process, or
  • List the top interview questions your potential clients don’t know to ask.

What expertise can you share with the Upwork community?

Igor Chishkala is a top rated developer on Upwork. In 10 years of OpenCart development experience, he’s learned that e-commerce websites can run into SEO problems when additional stores are added to their OpenCart CMS.

In a post for the Hiring Headquarters, he explains how that problem can be solved by creating a multi-store sub-folder model.

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Amy Sept

Managing Editor

As the managing editor of the Upwork blog, Amy Sept works with regular and guest writers to share information that helps freelancers and businesses navigate the future of work. She owns Nimbyist Communications and helps non-profits, startups, and small business owners get their content marketing on track.