What would you do if you had the extra time or skills to turn a good idea into reality? Online freelance talent marketplaces give businesses of all sizes the technology to boost productivity—but not everybody knows where to start.

Collaborating with freelancers you may never meet in person is a new and efficient way to get things done. Finding the right talent through traditional channels can be a challenge, but the global marketplace is thriving with skilled and independent professionals.

In our first e-learning course, “Finding and Working with Freelance Talent,” we’ll explain how freelancers can help you solve key business challenges. It’s a four-part course that explains how work has changed and gives you ideas about how you can leverage this new model to meet your goals.

Module 1: What Is Online Work?

  • Learn how to identify projects that may be suited for freelancers, and how to get started quickly.

Module 2: Scoping Your Project and Attracting Top Talent

  • Learn how to identify the technical skills and experience needed, and how to budget your project to attract best-in-class freelancers.

Module 3: Vetting Profiles and Interviewing Freelancers

  • Learn how to identify top prospects based on skills and work experience, and how to structure a successful interview.

Module 4: Communicating with Your Talent

  • Engaging a freelancer is just the beginning. Learn ways to collaborate with remote talent for impressive results.

These real-world best practices will help you create an actionable plan to get your project moving ahead.

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