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There is little doubt that developing great organizational skills helps cultivate happy clients and customers. We asked our Facebook Community for their advice on staying organized. Here is a collection of some of the best responses.

“I like to restart my computer before I work to keep it fresh and to avoid system crashes. Then I pull up all the tools that I need before I clock in. Just a ritual that got carried over during my BPO days. Happy working everyone!”
Jan Jimenez

“A time-honoured method that I love to employ in organizing my work is to simply pen my activities or projects on a blank sheet of paper. I then prioritize them starting with the most urgent. Next to activities, I set time-frames within which I must complete each activity. Through self discipline, I push myself to stick to the plan. The goal of course is to improve my level of productivity.”
— Leroy Hall

“Use organizational apps, set priorities and deadlines, and keep track of time spent on each task. I use Toggl for time tracking; Bitbucket for [hosting] repositories and wikis and [tracking] issues on projects; and I’m starting to use Podio for things like team management, communication between team members per project, bug tracking, and task management.”
Phanor Coll

“A good old ‘To Do List’ helps a lot. I have a weekly list written every Monday which I then break down into daily tasks according to urgency. It helps a lot and lessens stress especially if you are working on multiple projects.

“I create folders for each client on my computer and cloud. It helps to avoid digging into tons of files. I also take time to declutter and delete unnecessary files at least every 3 months.”
— Yhang Rhea

“I’ve created a calendar in Google Spreadsheets where I can plan the day and time every week when I’ll perform each task I have for every client, note my goals for the week, note my deadline for every task and note the other tasks I need to do in the near future. My calendar takes my mind off thinking of all the other projects I have while working on one and allows me to focus on that specific task I scheduled on that time. I also save all my [Upwork] project files in my Dropbox folder and at the end of the day, with just one click, it synchronizes all my saved files to my online Dropbox account which gives me assurance that my files are all safe and accessible in case my computer crashes down or encounters some error.”
— Madelyn Mae Rodriguez

Editor’s note: Responses edited for grammar and spelling. The statements above are those of their authors and do not constitute the views or opinions of Upwork.

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