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April 29, 2016 by Lisa-Anne Chung

Last year Upwork introduced Messages, a new way to collaborate and communicate with colleagues. As promised in my recent community post about Messages, we’re working on additional features to help you boost your productivity and make it easier to communicate in real time.

New! Video/Voice/Screenshare and Integrations

We understand how important effective communication is for building trust with your clients, freelancers, and teammates, and how essential it is for getting work done. So, we’re excited to announce that it’s now easy to chat with your team by either voice or video call and share computer screens.

Video Call

BLOG-video-callTo initiate a video call, click on the video camera icon in your Messages room via or the Upwork Team App.

Voice-Only Call

BLOG-voice-only-callHaving a bad hair day and don’t want to be on camera?

Before you join the video chat, you can turn off the camera and have a voice-only conversation.


BLOG-screenshareSometimes it’s just so much easier to share your screen rather than trying to verbally explain what you’re looking at.

That’s where screensharing comes in.

Click on the screenshare icon to start sharing your screen. It’s available in Chrome and Firefox and you’ll need to install an extension first.

Note: Screenshare isn’t currently available in the Upwork Team App.


Ever wish you could integrate third-party tools into Messages to streamline communication and collaboration even more? For example, want to know when a Jira ticket has been updated without having to check Jira? Well, your wish has come true!


Check it out at, and if you don’t see the one you want, then vote for it at the bottom of the page!


Bonus: A Couple Tips & Tricks

We want Messages to be as useful as possible for you. So here are a few additional tips to help you get more out of Messages.

Other Applications

  • Get the Desktop App here.
  • Take it on the go with you: Get the iOS app here and Android app here.


  • Recency Tab: Click the chat icon to see your messages ordered by recency.
  • Files Tab: Click the paper icon to see all your files and links related to the room in one place.
  • Notification Settings: Change how often you receive emails, desktop notifications, and more. Update your settings here, or if you’re using the Upwork Team App, click the gear icon and select Messages Settings.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: See a few shortcuts to help you save time.
  • Click the link icon to easily copy and share the public URL of any attachment.
  • Got a message you want to save or review later? Mark it as a favorite by clicking the star icon and access it again later under Favorite Messages.
  • Too many rooms in your left nav that you want to hide or archive? Click the circle with three dots and click Hide.

Thanks for your continued feedback.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about the ongoing development of Messages. I encourage you to use the tool and continue to share your feedback via the community forums or on my recent post to help us make Messages even better.

Lisa-Anne Chung

Lisa-Anne Chung, senior product manager at Upwork

Lisa-Anne Chung is a senior product manager at Upwork, where she leads the Collaboration Platform team, which includes the Messaging system and many other collaboration tools to come. Prior to Upwork, she worked at Intuit in Finance, Operations, and Product. She has a BS in Management Science from University of California, San Diego and an MBA from the Haas Business School at UC Berkeley.