Whether you have an editorial calendar baked and are looking for someone to execute it or you need help generating ideas for long-form content (think ebooks and whitepapers), you may find yourself looking for writing talent. Content writers can take complex ideas and convey them in simple words, or come up with creative ways to talk about a company’s industry that can attract new readers.

Vetting proposals and choosing a freelancer

Content writers can help with major projects like an ebook or revamping content for a new audience, or with smaller projects like writing a blog post. Here’s a short list of why you might turn to a content writer:

  • Website copy
  • Blog posts and bylined articles
  • Social media posts
  • Product descriptions
  • Case studies, whitepapers, and ebooks

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Since there’s a wide range of projects that content writers work on, it’s important to create a specific project description to help you find the right talent for the project. As you’re writing the description, consider who your ideal customer is, how much research will be required, how difficult it is to explain your product or service, how well you understand SEO, and what the best format is.

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As you receive proposals, here are a few tips that can help you quickly identify the best match for your project:

  1. Create a shortlist by filtering out proposals with mistakes, misaligned skills, or slow responsiveness to your posting
  2. Interview your top three candidates via video to better understand their process and experience
  3. Give each writer a small starter project
  4. Evaluate the trial project based on the type of work you need help with

For a sample project description for a content writer, check out this article on the Hiring Headquarters.

Pricing and timing for your project

Content is essential for any marketing campaign, but creating that content can take time and investment. Rates charged by content writers on Upwork vary from $15 to $80 an hour, with an average rate around $40 an hour.

Freelancers charging a higher rate may have more experience or more specialized areas of expertise, which could result in a higher quality product that needs less editing. But keep in mind that freelancers with a lower rate may still be in the process of building a client base. The right freelancer and rate for your project will largely depend on the specific needs of your particular project.

To find a superb content writer for your project, look beyond a set of skills or freelancer rates. Make sure their writing process and content style align with your project and company’s brand. For more tips on evaluating freelancers, check out these 14 interview questions for content writers.

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