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How to Create a Minimalist Logo (by Logaster)

Many corporate brands keep their identities and designs simple and minimalist—and they’re remembered for it. Take a look at Nike, with its simple swoosh logo. While some start out with more complex logos, over time, companies have chosen to tweak their logos for a simpler, sleeker look. Logaster shares three examples, plus how to focus on logotype, lines, and geometric shapes in your design.

How to Convert an Android App into iOS (and Vice Versa) (by Andrew Bondarenko)

While Android and iOS are both popular mobile platforms, when creating an app, your team typically has to choose one to start with. Once you’ve nailed your first platform, it’s time to convert to the other. Why? You expand the reach of your app via platforms and markets and can increase your profitability. Andrew Bondarenko shares six differences between Android and iOS design and how to effectively convert your app.

How to Take Your Content Marketing Growth to the Next Level with Content Clusters (by Emily Marchant)

A rich SEO strategy is the backbone of many good content programs that rely on organic traffic, but as Google continues to evolve its algorithm, content marketers must keep up. Emily Marchant warns that the traditional keyword research is dead, and Google often struggles to identify which articles have the highest authority. To help uplift your SEO juice, structure your content in clusters of posts that are aligned with the customer journey. Marchant shares actionable tips and tools to help you refocus your content strategy.

How GoDaddy’s Chief Product Officer Fosters Growth and Innovation (by HackerRank)

Organizations often face tension between maintaining the ability to innovate and running a business effectively. HackerRank says innovation management relies on three fundamentals: environment, people, and investment. Based on McKinsey’s Three Horizons of Growth framework, this can translate into incentivizing risk-taking, finding the right talent who are resourceful and have niche skills, and improving infrastructure and technology. Read these actionable tips for adopting the three innovation fundamentals.

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