‘Tis the season to look for special gifts to help celebrate friends, freelancers, employees, clients, and the ones we love. To celebrate the greater Upwork community, we thought it would be fun to share some of the products that have been created with support from freelancers on Upwork.

Below are a few gift ideas as you search for that perfect something. We also invite you to share your products or those that you helped create or support so we can showcase more of the amazing work happening within the Upwork community.

For dear friends and family, photo gifts can be especially cherished as a way to capture special moments in time. You can easily turn pictures into beautiful holiday cards, photo gifts, and lovely presents using the TouchNote app—just visit www.touchnote.com to download it for free. If you have any questions, their customer service team is made up of friendly Upwork freelancers who are there to help you send thoughtful gifts.

For sports enthusiasts, 500 Level offers sports apparel designed and voted on by fans for fans. With licenses from the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB Players Associations, you can find apparel featuring your loved one’s favorite players. The 500 Level Team worked with Upwork freelancers to create a seamless backend order processing system so that orders are prepared and sent out efficiently and correctly.

For foodie friends who like to bake, Chefmaster could help bring more color to the kitchen and celebrations with vibrant color blends including gel food coloring, natural food coloring, airbrush colors, and food decorating pens. The Chefmaster team has turned to Upwork freelancers to help share baking tips, tricks, and ideas on the company’s blog.

For the craft lover on your list, especially for those who knit or crochet, or just appreciate beautifully handcrafted items (like a sari skirt), look no further. Darn Good Yarn gifts keep giving, as their products utilize textile waste and are sustainably sourced, offering year-round living wages to local artisans in India and Nepal. Additionally, subscription yarn boxes priced at just $10 a month offer creative and condensed projects that are a great alternative to the digital escapes of today. Darn Good Yarn’s team has been working with freelancers to help grow the business and spread the love since 2008.

For sock fanatics, HoopSwagg’s custom socks come in so many fun designs that you can find something for sports fans, coffee and hamburger lovers, and charity supporters. HoopSwagg’s founder Brennan Arganoff started the company when he was 13 years old and worked with his parents to engage freelancers on Upwork to help with critical projects—from business strategy and graphic design, to copy editing and photo editing. (Learn more about Brennan’s early success in this profile…)

For savvy commuters, electric scooters are arriving in cities, but having your own can help ensure you are charged and ready to go. GOTRAX electric rideables could be a big surprise for a loved one who is always on the move. The GOTRAX team works with graphic design freelancers to help create their super stylish ads.

To discover amazing gifts, Tophatter.com is an online auction site that makes the shopping experience fun for buyers to find and give affordable gifts. To make sure customers around the world have the best experience possible, freelancers are on deck to support buyers with any questions.

We would love to share more of the products supported by the Upwork community. Submit your product stories here to be considered for future blog posts.

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