A company’s brand, workforce diversity, and approach to flexible work carry weight in the competition for top talent. For many companies, however, these have been perks rather than table stakes.

In “The Future Is Now: Three HR Trends That Will Transform Your Organization In 2019,” Zoe Harte, Upwork’s SVP of Human Resources and Talent Innovation, explains why it’s time for companies to up their game in order to attract and retain talent. If these initiatives aren’t already part of your HR strategy, here’s a look at why your company should pay attention.

“Many of the HR issues that used to seem ‘nice to have’ are now imperative. In 2019 the choice will be simple. Understand and embrace these trends, or lose your ability to compete for talent.” — Zoe Harte, SVP of HR and Talent Innovation, Upwork

Trend 1: Brand image

Your company’s brand centers on how people engage with and perceive your company, from their initial contact to their long-term loyalty.

That’s as true for your customers as it is for employees and freelancers. From the content on your website to your latest Instagram post to the language in your most recent job post, talent can cast a wide net when they want to learn about your business. And if your brand doesn’t align with their values or interests, chances are they’ll pass.

“By joining forces with marketing, you can ensure that external and internal messages are aligned,” Harte said.

Trend 2: Workforce diversity

Today’s definition of diversity extends beyond gender, race, LGBTQIA status, and religion to include geographic diversity, generational affiliation, and education levels.

“Diversity needs to permeate the entire internal and external profile of your organization,” Harte explained. Like your branding efforts, “These initiatives should be incorporated throughout your corporate policies and practices, staff training, executive presentations, social media posts and targeted recruiting efforts.”

Trend 3: Flexible work culture

“Flexible work schedules and ‘work/life balance’ used to be something that were a great perk, or a lavish add-on, but today they simply make business sense,” Harte said.

Business has evolved into a cycle that’s fast-paced and always on. Fostering a fluid workforce that can leverage alternative schedules and remote work can help your company find and keep the talent you need to be productive and successful.

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