A World Of Work From Your Small-Town Office

It all started with a pink slip. For both Dini Jaskowski and Suzanne Davis, economic downturns meant the end of one chapter of their working life...and signaled the beginning of a new career in online work, one that freed them from commutes and time restraints and provided the ability to work wherever life took them. Read Full Article

Connecting Americans to Jobs: FCC & oDesk Discuss Broadband Internet Access and Job Creation

On Monday night, we were pleased to host a dinner discussion with FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, on the topic of broadband Internet access and its role in job creation. The topic is an important one: currently 19 million Americans are without Internet access. That represents 19 million Americans who could be working online, building their careers and bringing money into the U.S. economy. For a sense of the opportunity lost there, consider that, to date this year, businesses have spent $32 million hiring U.S. contractors online through oDesk. But that’s just the beginning—the overall online work market is expected to reach $1B by the end of this year. Read Full Article

Large-Scale Experiment Shows Working From Home Improves Performance, Reduces Costs

While evidence shows that telecommuting can improve productivity and employee satisfaction, some businesses still have lingering concerns that remote workers will shirk their responsibilities given such flexibility and lack of supervision. One major Chinese company recently decided to find out for sure. In perhaps the largest-scale remote work study conducted to date, CTrip—China’s largest travel agency with a $5 billion valuation on NASDAQ and 13,000 employees—set out to investigate the benefits, drawbacks and feasibility of implementing a widespread work-from-home policy. The results, published by Stanford’s Economics Department and the Stanford Graduate School of Business, with cooperation from CTrip, were overwhelmingly positive. Read Full Article