Hiring Your Right Hand: How to Hire & Use Virtual Assistants

A good virtual assistant (VA) can be your right-hand man (or woman). From answering e-mails and managing social media accounts to setting appointments and providing programming support, the list of tasks a virtual assistant can help you with is long. And good VAs will not just shorten your to-do list; they can also increase your productivity — and therefore your profitability. Read Full Article

Infographics: How Visual Representations Can Boost Traffic

Infographics have become so popular for a reason — they can be very powerful, when well-designed. Using visuals, infographics can communicate abstract concepts with a clarity and impact that far surpasses what text alone can convey. What does this mean for you? Business websites and freelance blogs alike can benefit from the appeal of infographics. Not only do they provide new layers of communication value for your audience, they also have significant SEO value. Read Full Article

Siri for the Android: 4 Voice Command Apps

I love my Android phone, but watching Siri in action recently gave me a case of iPhone envy. Yeah, yeah, I know I have Google Voice Actions on my Droid, but that’s nowhere near as cool as Siri. So I set out to determine whether there’s an Android equivalent to Apple’s soft-spoken mobile assistant. Here are the results of that search. Read Full Article

5 More Ways to Give Yourself a Raise

Raising your freelance rates is a big step towards earning more income and growing your business. Although your chances of winning projects may slide a bit due to cheaper rates from other contractors, it shouldn't be a problem if you know deep down that your present skills and experience level are worth the raise. Read Full Article