“Freelancing in America”: Our Second Annual Study with Freelancers Union

The appeal of the freelance lifestyle is so powerful that half of freelancers say they wouldn't quit freelancing to take a traditional job—no matter how much it paid. That passion for the freelance lifestyle is just one of the insights from the second annual "Freelancing in America" survey, a study of the U.S. independent workforce sponsored by Upwork, in partnership with Freelancers Union. Read Full Article

How to Wrangle Time Zones (and Not Miss a Meeting)

Perhaps you’ve been there already: Your sound and connection test are done, your meeting prep is complete, and you join a meeting only to find no one else there. You soon realize you’re actually early—or worse, late—because you forgot to adjust for time differences. Melanie Feltham shares some tools to help keep you on time, every time. Read Full Article