Working Remotely

A Digital Nomad Adventure Inspires The Transition to Stay-at-Home Dad

Inspired by his success working as a digital nomad and the flexibility it gave him to spend more time with his son, Chris Appleford decided not to return to any of his previous careers. Instead, he’s sticking with his new career as a home-based, remote contractor and entrepreneur. Here's how he made the shift from digital nomad to stay-at-home dad and his advice for keeping it all in balance. Read Full Article

What's New on Upwork

Your Job Success Score on Upwork

Since launching in March, Upwork's Job Success scores have proven successful at helping great freelancers stand out to clients and land more projects, with twice the number of contracts going to the best freelancers in the marketplace than before. But understanding the score has been confusing to some in the community. Jeff Chen, VP of Trust & Safety, addresses the main questions we’ve heard. Read Full Article