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In-Demand Skills in a Borderless Economy

January 4, 2011 by

Online work is creating an economy of opportunity — where work is not linked to location, but to skills, experience and abilities. For employees and contractors, this allows them to manage their own work-life balance, get paid based on merit, and access an entire world of work opportunities. But what skills are in demand when the talent pool is worldwide? Read Full Article

All Things Upwork

Contractors: Update your Profile Categories by February 28th!

December 31, 2010 by

Employers come to oDesk to find and work with the best contractors from all over the world. For this to work, employers need to be able to easily find contractors who have the specific skills and interests that match their needs. To improve this matching process, we are updating the way contractors select their profile categories to allow contractors to stand out in the areas they are most qualified. What’s changing? Starting today, contractors will be able to choose up to 10 sub-categories that best reflect their professional experience. This is a change from the current system in which contractors can choose an unlimited number of categories and sub-categories. Take Action Before February 28, 2011 You have until February 28, 2011 to update your profile categories and select up to 10 sub-categories: Only select sub-categories where you have expertise. Starting March 1st, if you have more than 10 sub-categories selected, we will automatically update your sub-categories to select up to 10 based on the job categories in which you have applied to the most. Why is this good for contractors? We’ve found that contractors who specialize in a few types of work are able to command higher wages and better establish long-term relationships with their employers. Specializing in the sub-categories where you have expertise will help your profile better stand out from the competition. Employers will have an easier time finding the contractors who match their needs, which means better hires and more successful working relationships — and that’s good for everyone! Keep in mind, this does not change what jobs you can apply to. You should only apply to jobs you are qualified for, but this change in profile categories will not limit which jobs you can apply to. Update your Categories in your Profile now — … Read Full Article

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12 Days of oDesk

December 24, 2010 by

In the spirit of the season, oDesk Customer Service representative Suzanne Davis has written "The 12 Days of oDesk Christmas." Sung to the tune of the classic "The 12 Days of Christmas," Suzanne's rendition is fast becoming our favorite carol. Read Full Article