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Your Job Success Score on Upwork

June 23, 2015 by

Since launching in March, Upwork's Job Success scores have proven successful at helping great freelancers stand out to clients and land more projects, with twice the number of contracts going to the best freelancers in the marketplace than before. But understanding the score has been confusing to some in the community. Jeff Chen, VP of Trust & Safety, addresses the main questions we’ve heard. Read Full Article

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How to Set and Raise Your First Rate on Upwork

June 3, 2015 by

What are your skills, experience, and time worth? How much are clients willing to pay? These are possibly the toughest questions for new freelancers to answer, but they shouldn’t hold you back from setting your initial rate. While there is no one formula to figure out the perfect hourly rate, there are universal factors to consider that can help you get close to the mark. Check out this advice from the Upwork community. Read Full Article