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Upwork Pro: The Talent Matchmaker

The freelance economy helps businesses of all sizes break through the talent barrier, and the move toward online work now enables them to connect with a global pool of highly skilled professionals. But screening freelancers can be a hurdle for some people. That’s why we’ve launched Upwork Pro, a premium service that matches companies with handpicked, pre-vetted freelancers to help businesses quickly extend their teams and accomplish critical initiatives. Read Full Article

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Featuritis: How To Diagnose Your Product Now

We designed the product, mapped the logic, and hired a development studio. By February of the following year, we had the prototype for Channelkit and started meeting investors. Then we got a wake-up call. We decided not to hold on to the over-complicated product we’d developed, but instead to reach out to our potential users and figure out what they actually needed. And if you are serious about the success of your startup, I recommend you do the same. Here are the steps we took over the course of several months to course-correct—which we hope can also serve as your roadmap to avoid needing course-correction in the first place. Read Full Article