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Buddha’s Delight

Growing up, I hadn’t been exposed to a lot of Chinese dishes that didn’t have meat in them, so when I became vegetarian, my parents started making this dish for New Year’s, known as Buddha’s Delight, which also happened to be a combination of some of my favorite traditional Chinese ingredients.

I am now a “vegetarian who eats fish,” so we’ve also modified this recipe to accommodate both vegetarian and pescetarian dietary preferences.

<h4-tag>Base ingredients (and prep)</h4-tag><span-key>-</span-key><span-value>Oil</span-value><span-key>-</span-key><span-value>Ginger and/or garlic (minced)</span-value><span-key>-</span-key><span-value>Napa cabbage (cut into 2-inch pieces)</span-value><span-key>-</span-key><span-value>Mung bean noodles (soaked in warm water, cut into shorter strands)</span-value><h4-tag>Choose your own combo of ingredients</h4-tag><span-key>-</span-key><span-value>Your total number of ingredients (including base ingredients) should be a lucky number (2, 3, 5, 7, 8, or 9)—the more ingredients the better!</span-value><span-key>-</span-key><span-value>Dried wood ear (soaked in warm water, option to slice)</span-value><span-key>-</span-key><span-value>Dried lily flowers (soaked in warm water, with hard tips cut off)</span-value><span-key>-</span-key><span-value>Dried shrimp (soaked in warm water)</span-value><span-key>-</span-key><span-value>Dried oysters (soaked in warm water)</span-value><span-key>-</span-key><span-value>Dried scallops (soaked in warm water, pulled apart/shredded)</span-value><span-key>-</span-key><span-value>Dried shiitake mushrooms (soaked in warm water, sliced)</span-value><span-key>-</span-key><span-value>Fresh shiitake mushrooms (sliced)</span-value><span-key>-</span-key><span-value>Scallions (julienned)</span-value>
<span-key>-</span-key><span-value>Tofu (sliced into bite-size pieces; any kind: puffs, sticks, fresh, baked)</span-value><span-key>-</span-key><span-value>Honestly, whatever you want! I eyeball ingredient amounts based on what I have or what I’m feeling like eating.</span-value><h4-tag>Seasoning</h4-tag><span-key>1 tbsp</span-key><span-value>soy sauce</span-value><span-key>1 tbsp</span-key><span-value>sesame oil</span-value><span-key>2 tbsp</span-key><span-value>Shaoxing wine</span-value><span-key>½ cup</span-key><span-value>water from soaking dried vegetables</span-value><span-key>1 tsp</span-key><span-value>sugar</span-value>




Heat wok or large pan over medium-high heat, then add oil and ginger/garlic until it turns golden without burning.
Add any ingredients that you had to soak and stir-fry for 2 minutes (don’t add the water in yet!).
Add everything else (except for mung bean noodles) and stir-fry for 2 minutes.
Add your soaking water (you may need to add more water depending on how much stuff is now in the pan).
Add your seasoning, and turn down heat to medium.
Cook covered for 8-10 minutes until everything is tender.
Add mung bean noodles, which should soak up the remaining liquid. (If there’s no liquid, add a little bit more.)
Transfer to a bowl. Top the dish with scallions if you have them.
Serve with steamed rice!</span-p>

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I deeply treasure that time around the table with my kids and loved ones. In our household, our kitchen table is a gathering place to share a meal, enjoy each other’s company, reflect on the day and laugh together.

With ‘Cook It Up,’ our Upwork Family Belonging Community has assembled a wonderful collection of recipes that celebrate the rich diversity of cultures we represent at Upwork. I truly enjoyed the personal memories that connect these dishes to the team members who shared them. This is a fun, approachable and sometimes touching look behind the “work curtain” that’s helped me — and I hope will help you — get to know our team even better.

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