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Ukrainian Potato Pancakes

Whenever I make this recipe, I am reminded of my childhood in Ukraine when my grandma would make these for me.
<span-key>4</span-key> <span-value>large russet potatoes</span-value> <span-key>1</span-key> <span-value>small white onion</span-value> <span-key>2</span-key> <span-value>eggs</span-value> <span-key>2 tbsp</span-key> <span-value>milk</span-value> <span-key>2 tbsp</span-key> <span-value>flour</span-value> <span-key>-</span-key><span-value>Salt and pepper to taste</span-value> <span-key>-</span-key><span-value>Applesauce or sour cream (optional)</span-value>




Grate potatoes and onion into a bowl.
Drain some of the excess juice formed from the onion and potato, and then add eggs, milk, flour, salt, and pepper. Mix well.
Heat up a large pan with oil (about a tbsp) on medium heat.
Pour a spoonful of mixture into the pan and squish down.
Once the edges begin to turn golden brown, flip over to the other side. Occasionally add oil when the pan dries out.
Continue this process until all of the mixture is used.
Enjoy with applesauce or sour cream!</span-p>

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