Go from contract to full-time with talent you trust.

You can find highly skilled talent on Upwork open to contract-to-hire opportunities. Get started on a short-term contract right now and hire them full-time when it’s right.

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This is how flexibility works now.

Find talent
Search filters on our marketplace help identify the professionals in Upwork’s global remote talent pool open to contract-to-hire opportunities.
Begin work
Get started with a short-term contract to build a relationship with talent and assess long-term fit together.
Convert contract
You have the flexibility to convert any contract so you can bring your favorite talent on full-time. You’ll pay a one-time fee, and we’ll guide you both through the process.

Introducing Direct Contracts

With Upwork, your payment is safe and sound until you approve releasing it. No hassle. No Upwork account necessary.

Why contract-to-hire?

Hire efficiently

Post contract-to-hire jobs on Upwork to save on fees compared with traditional staffing agencies. Use Upwork’s self-serve features and global pool of remote talent to hire quickly.

Hire flexibly

Upwork’s marketplace gives you flexible options to find talent for project, hourly, or contract-to-hire work all in one place.

Hire confidently

Upwork helps you build relationships with global remote talent and empowers you with the option to transition talent to full-time roles when the time is right.

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“When we convert a freelancer to a full-time hire, we already know what to expect, we know there’s synergy, and we’ve already figured out the working relationship. Additionally, the employee already has experience working with us, so they’re not stepping into something completely new.”

—Julianna Nikolic, Corporate Vice President, Reproductive Sciences Management Co.

Frequently asked questions

What are contract-to-hire opportunities?

A contract-to-hire opportunity starts with a short-term contract and has the potential to turn into a full-time job later.

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How can I find talent interested in contract-to-hire opportunities?

You can search for talent open to contract-to-hire opportunities. 

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How will talent find my contract-to-hire opportunities?

You can mark your job posts as contract-to-hire opportunities to highlight the potential for talent to go full-time. Talent can filter for these opportunities when searching for job posts.

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How do I convert a contract?

You can convert any contract - including those that did not start as a contract-to-hire opportunity. You’ll have a self-serve option to convert any active or closed contract. We’ll calculate the cost based on your specific contract, and guide both you and the talent through the process.

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How much does it cost to convert Upwork talent from contract to full-time?
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What happens after the conversion fee is paid?

Once you’ve paid the one-time conversion fee, you will handle contracts, use your own tools, and manage payments with your own payroll provider. 

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As highlighted in the Terms of Service, clients are responsible for the proper classification of talent.

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