How GoDaddy Launched a Program 3x Faster with Independent Web Designers

Test and launch new service while maximizing ROI

Many of GoDaddy’s customers built their websites on a platform that later became outdated. The company wanted to move them onto a newer solution while making the transition simple. GoDaddy incentivized clients to migrate by offering new web designs at competitive rates. But they didn’t have enough designers to support the new program. They required a solution that could scale within a tight budget.

Scale productivity with a hybrid team

The company partnered with Upwork to build a hybrid team. Upwork Talent Services aided GoDaddy in sourcing and engaging qualified talent worldwide. This included 70+ web designers and 3 program consultants. To streamline communications and reduce managerial time spent on admin tasks, the consultants coordinated with the designers, then funneled communication to the manager. The expanded capabilities and efficient workflow enabled the company to build and launch the new program, which included testing various offers, 3x faster than through traditional means.

New revenue stream and satisfied customers

As the program grew, GoDaddy continued to increase workflow efficiencies by fine-tuning which tasks were assigned to talent and which were kept in-house. The changes sped up turnaround times and increased customer satisfaction. For many companies, migrating clients onto a new platform is a direct cost, but GoDaddy turned it into a new revenue stream. What’s more, the company created a seamless migration experience for clients while building a program they value.

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