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Hi, my name is Lam Nguyen and I am a full-stack AWS Cloud Engineer/Solutions Architect/DevOps with 8 years of experience working with AWS. My expertise includes managing, troubleshooting, building, and migrating AWS cloud environments, including EC2 Linux servers, RDS databases, DNS transfer, and hosting. I am also skilled in auditing AWS environments for best practices and the AWS well-architected framework, and have assisted clients in preparing for SOC2, PCI, and HIPAA compliance. I am dedicated to helping clients optimize costs, ensure scalability, improve reliability, increase performance efficiency, enhance security, and achieve operational excellence. * AWS skills: - Expertise in designing and implementing scalable, reliable, and fault-tolerant systems on AWS - Experience with migrating on-premises applications to AWS - Skilled in transferring data to and from AWS - Ability to choose the best AWS service for specific data, compute, database, or security needs - Familiarity with AWS best practices in architecture - Proficiency in estimating AWS costs and finding ways to control them * DevOps skills: - Proficiency in automating the build and deployment of applications from Git repositories to AWS using various services such as EC2, Lambda, ECS, BeanStalk, and S3 - Experience in developing automation scripts using Ruby, Bash, and Python for Linux infrastructure - Skilled in creating Shell/Chef code to automate server builds, OS patches, and application deployments to various environments - Ability to design reliable infrastructures for IT products using the infrastructure-as-code concept, whether they are being migrated from on-premises or developed on the AWS platform - Experience in implementing custom monitoring and integrating monitoring methods into deployment processes to create self-healing solutions on Linux EC2 instances - Expertise in managing multiple AWS accounts, enforcing network security, managing user/group permissions, optimizing service performance, and controlling costs * Common jobs that I have done: - Ability to introduce startups and individuals to the benefits of AWS - Experience in containerizing native applications such as Django, .NetCore, Nodejs, and Java to run on AWS ECS, including one-step builds and deployments using CICD tools like Jenkins, AWS CodePipeline/CodeBuild/CodeDeploy/CodeCommit - Skilled in troubleshooting VPC/networking issues, including communication between AWS resources such as Lambda and private RDS/ElastiCache/EC2 - Expertise in Cloud security using tools such as IAM, VPC, Security Groups, S3 ACL, WAF, GuardDuty, and CloudTrail - Experience in setting up serverless stacks using Lambda, DynamoDB, S3, and CloudFront - Ability to review proposed or existing AWS architecture for factors such as security, cost-optimization, HA, backup, and performance - Skilled in setting up secure access between on-premises and private subnets in VPC using tools like openVPN and SSH tunnel - Proficiency in creating CloudFormation templates for quick replication of AWS stacks, including for disaster recovery and deployment to multiple regions, as well as for easily creating and removing resources. I'm also holding all associate and professional AWS certifications: - AWS Solutions Architect - Professional - AWS DevOps Engineer - Professional - AWS SysOps Administrator - AWS Developer Please also take a look at my past projects and customer reviews for extra details. --- If you need assistance with quick fixes, have any questions about your AWS environment, or have an interesting project you'd like to discuss, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

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