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Rating is 3.98 out of 5.
4.0/5  (129 jobs)
Attock City, Pakistan

Experienced Team: 100+ Satisfied Clients, 6000+ Hours on Upwork! Proficient in Zendesk, Shopify, Academic Research, influencers research and influencer outreach, SEO, and WordPress Development - Ready to Kickstart Your Project!

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AI Chatbot
Customer Support
Employee Training
Zendesk API
Influencer Research
Customer Retention
Hourly rate US$5.00 - US$150.00
Minimum project size None
Agency size 2-10 workers
Member since 22 Jan 2019


Rating is 4.78 out of 5.
4.8/5  (91 jobs)
Managua, Nicaragua

Founded by Oscar Gonzalez, a Top Rated Plus Upwork Veteran - TALENT CLOUD is a full-blown BPO Agency specializing in Customer Service, Sales, Retention, Back Office, and Accounts Receivable. We initially started as a 100% Remote Operation. We now have 35 Remote Reps. In addition, to that, we recently launched our first Onsite Office capable of housing 50 more Reps. This now gives us a competitive edge considering we can provide better support to our clients as we have an Enterprise Internet Connection, Electrical Back-Up in case of any power outtages and top of the line Work Equipment to make sure our Team Members have all the right tools. We also have an Operation Manager Onsite to help support our agents with Live Training, Feedback Sessions, and Client Daily/Weekly and Monthly Reports. We are a team of highly-skilled, self-motivated, dedicated, and responsible individuals, with 50+ years of combined experience. We offer a unique and highly ethical client experience both personally and through numerous platforms. One of our (USP) Unique Selling Points is that our team is fully bilingual (English/Spanish), very familiarized with U.S Culture as we have all lived or visited in the U.S and worked with U.S clients since day one. We have mastered the use of several Dialers and CRMs such as Vanilla Soft, HubSpot, SalesForce, Podio, Mojo, Roor, Saleshandy, Ytel, Less Annoying CRM, Message Communications, Sococo, Gohighlevel, CallRail, Xencall etc. If you're looking for top talent to contribute to your business' growth through High-Quality Results, YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE! Tell us what you are looking to achieve (Goal). WE WILL HANDLE THE REST! We provide ongoing training to our Team. We understand the Sales Process from "A to Z" from Conducting research on the prospect prior to calling, opening the call (Introduction), Building Rapport, Discovery (Asking effective Probing Questions), Active listening, Identifying pain points, making pain points bleed, Bridging Benefits to Pain Points, Pulse Check, Closing. We also understand the Four key elements of good customer service, which are: - A high level of trust in your company and in the people customers deal with - Knowledgeable employees who understand what customers are talking about - The company and its employees do not waste customers’ time - Friendly employees who go the extra mile for customers We look forward to becoming a great asset to your business and helping lower overhead expenses while at the same time increasing sales and building long-lasting client relationships across the board.

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Outbound Sales
Real Estate
Lead Generation
Compliance Training
Cold Calling
Customer Support
Employee Training
Hourly rate US$10.00 - US$16.00
Minimum project size US$5K+
Agency size 11-50 workers
Member since 21 Oct 2019
ToBIM Architects Avatar

ToBIM Architects

Rating is 3.89 out of 5.
3.9/5  (52 jobs)
Thornbury, Canada
Rising Talent

I'm a Revit BIM Manager, Architectural & Structural technologist with 8+ years of experience. Skills: • BIM Architecture, Structure: Modelling and Drafting with Revit & AutoCAD • Modelling in Revit from Point Cloud • Architecture drafting knowledge: ADA, DIN. Modeling and drafting of residential and commercial buildings. • Permit drawings: Ontario Permit drawings, California Permit Drawings • MEP / HVAC / Plumbing • Revit+Dynamo • Autodesk Infraworks • Autodesk Navisworks

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Employee Training
AutoCAD Civil 3D
Autodesk Navisworks
Adobe Lightroom
3D Modeling
Adobe Photoshop
Hourly rate US$19.00 - US$35.00
Agency size 2-10 workers
Member since 5 Dec 2017
Consultancy and Solutions Avatar

Consultancy and Solutions

Rating is 4.97 out of 5.
5.0/5  (45 jobs)
Islamabad, Pakistan

IT Business Partners: We are a team of IT professionals having extensive experience in project management, enterprise web application development, IT consultancy and trainings. As an accumulative experience of more than 25 years, we have successfully developed and implemented complete web solutions while adding real value to businesses. We work together with our customers by contributing right from the very initial stage of concept/idea towards the implementation. Our focus is on business process optimisation by developing custom web solutions and then providing staff trainings to run the systems efficiently. The added value help our customers to do better and get better ROI. Our Vision: Let’s grow together Our Mission: Help people and businesses to raise their financial and social standings. Create new opportunities and work collaboratively to bring prosperity in the society. Our Values: Honesty, Trust, Openness, Transparency, Collaboration, Patience Our Believes: - Honesty brings trust and openness. - Collaborate with patience

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Ecommerce Website Development
Customer Relationship Management
Employee Training
Magento 2
Agile Software Development
Hourly rate US$15.00 - US$15.00
Member since 2 Mar 2010
WaveYouAt Avatar


Rating is 4.97 out of 5.
5.0/5  (31 jobs)
london, Italy

I am an accomplished Content Manager / Full Stack Developer with a strong background in JavaScript, HTML and CSS. With UI and UX design skills and experience in Digital Marketing with Reach, Outreach, Engagement and Conversion. I have an excellent understanding of every project requirements. I’m business growth focused, detail oriented and proactive in my approach to all tasks I undertake. I
 possess good organisational skills for high productivity, minimising time and efforts in every segment of the operational chain and a 
“can-do” attitude. Knowledge Author | Content Management | Creative Content Editor | Advanced Analytics Metrics | Trend Analysis | Able to develop hand-coded Javascript websites from scratch | Web Design | Data Handling | Web animation | Troubleshooting | JavaScript | Patterns | Bug fixing | Search Engine Optimisation | Maintaining data integrity | Building functionality | Web application development | Mobile applications | Multitasking | Client Satisfaction | Training Content Design | Keywords | Marketing | Angular | React | LEAN | AGILE | SCRUM | WordPress | Magento | Drupal | Shopify | SQL | Software Versioning | GIT | React | Vue | Express | API | Mongo Translation and proofreading. Business management, Customer service, Bookkeeping, Front end development and Back end, Website design, Web app creation, Audio Editing, Mixing, Mastering. Admin & Design, Project management. Logo Creation and Branding. Online Marketing Digital Social Media Marketing, Transcriptions and Data entry. Virtual office. Document creation, Presentations, Web research. Coding with Angular, AngularJS, Node.js, Express, React, LESS, SASS, Javascript, JSON, PHP, HTML5 and CSS3. ERP, CMS, CSM. MySql, PhpMyAdmin, cPanel, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Hosting reseller. Support in Importing, Exporting, Manufacturing, Warehouse, Design in-house, Outsource, Social Media Campaigns, Google Campaigns. ✓ Willing to go the ‘extra mile’ and 'think outside the box' to get things done. ✓ Developing for WordPress, Shopify, WHMCS, Drupal (HTML5, CSS, Javascript, PHP). ✓ Web Development of user friendly and responsive websites and related stacks. ✓ Knowledge of Angular, React and other modern Frameworks and Libraries. ✓ Good time management and prioritisation, Agile and Design Sprints for fast results. ✓ Process Development and Configuration of Workflows with API calls and Automation. ✓ Command line applications with node.js and basic GIT. ✓ Innovative, always full of new ideas / suggestions.
 ✓ Having a well thought out approach to problems. ✓ Clear and effective communication skills. ✓ Ability to follow complex instructions. 
 ✓ Able to meet tight deadlines.
 ✓ Superior attention to detail. A-Level: Technical Management with Linguistics
 Diploma in Web Design, Social Media Marketing and Online Reputation Management Governance of Non-profit Organizations with University of “Albany” New York City – 2015. The Digital Garage (Google Online Proficiency Updated October 2017) Technical Diploma in Web Development and Digital Marketing with CPD – 2017 Foundation of App Development – 2017 Software Engineer Javascript Developer Frontend Developer Redesign of existing pages. Documenting the project. Editing HTML / CSS. Successfully redesigned an existing application with design thinking and best practices. Engineered the development environment and stack for the project. Creating a customisable application from scratch using Webpack, SASS, Angular, Typescript. Knowledge Author Assisting in the successful outcome of different projects.
 Production of deliverables with technical / quality strategies aware of interdependencies. Assist in the review of knowledge to ensure it is complete and accurate. Managed content in six languages. Implemented taxonomy, tag, and feed strategies for global organisation. Supported process and task management. Improved time to present results implementing multiple process improvements. Translation, Proofreading and Transcreation of Knowledge. Delivering service excellence by problem-solving and reacting to issues in a professional, polite and clear manner, processing details with different environments, interfacing with the remote IT Department. Provided exceptional operational support in diverse environments, both in English and Italian. Managed complex technical issues and ensured customers’ downtime was minimal. 
 Style guidelines, HTML structure, summary and patterns. Developed CSS styles and guidelines. Tested website usability and appearance for attractiveness and errors. Developed tools for site to manage tickets and incidents using Javascript. Other projects completed successfully include: Automating Zapier and Zapier Apps with custom webhooks, APIs and Javascript code (Also Workato); Creating, managing and scaling fully custom designed Shopify stores. Editing and extending Wordpress themes. Optimising existing sites for conversion.

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Ecommerce Website Development
User Interface Design
Employee Training
User Experience Design
Hourly rate US$6.00 - US$20.00
Member since 31 Aug 2013
Amazon Ranking Experts Avatar

Amazon Ranking Experts

Rating is 4.78 out of 5.
4.8/5  (29 jobs)
sefrou, Morocco

A team of experts on all type of amazon business : private labeling, retail arbitrage, wholesaling, --------------------- PRIVATE LABELING: we will help you launch and manage your entire business on amazon we will take care of find product opportunities and you make the choose which product we move forward with we source it from CHINA and USA or other countries from multiple supplier and give you a comparison on market price we handle negotiation with suppliers, and create product listing and generate product labeling to ship the product and sample to you to check the quality create product copy and graphics get reviews for your products create and optimize campaigns for the long term --------------------- RETAIL ARBITRAGE: search and find Products from other market that sell lest than amazon and have a profit margin more than 5$ after FBA fees, give you a full report for each product how much you will invest, fees and net profit launch up to 100 product per month depending on your budget. setup service that will manage your inventory repricing your product to have more chances to win the buy box --------------------- WHOLESALE : find profitable products that sold very well and amazon not involved contact product owner to setup a wholesale invoice for you setup shipping with the supplier to your warehouse or to amazon FBA if still profitable after fees setup service that will handle your inventory and send you notification about soon out of stock give you suggestion about which product you should invest on the most

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Facebook Ads Manager
Amazon Listing Optimization
Employee Training
Amazon FBA
Amazon Seller Central
Brand Development
Amazon PPC
Hourly rate US$35.00 - US$35.00
Minimum project size US$10K+
Agency size 2-10 workers
Member since 4 Oct 2017
Seven Huts Avatar

Seven Huts

Rating is 5 out of 5.
5.0/5  (27 jobs)
Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Our agency is part of Seven Huts Limited, a company based in Edinburgh (UK). Our vision is to disseminate eLearning environments to nourish values and facilitate achievement. We help our clients define their eLearning needs, design and develop their eLearning solutions. Enabling value provision through eLearning is at the centre of our services. We aim at providing learning solutions that enhance performance, increase productivity and achieve goals.

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Distance Education
Curriculum Development
Training Online LMS
Adobe eLearning Suite
Training Design
Employee Training
Instructional Design
Hourly rate US$21.00 - US$45.00
Minimum project size None
Agency size 2-10 workers
Member since 19 Oct 2017

Jackson Marketing Agency

Rating is 4.48 out of 5.
4.5/5  (25 jobs)
Palestina, Pili, Philippines

Chris & Grace Jackson. We are consultations in the fields of: Telemarketing Marketing – Planning and Development Business Plans and Financials Web Optimization Consultancy StartUp’s Consultancy Brand Building & Awareness Press Releases Product Launches Corporate Event Planning Business Analysis Facebook Profile Pages Our experience spans over 26 years. We have worked with clients from the US, Canada, UK/Ireland, Dubai, Iraq, Europe, Russia and Australasia. Our work is customized to meet your needs and maintain professional standards. Scope of experience includes: Telemarketing – Call Center Agent; Call Center Trainer; Motivator; Campaign Generation Expert Software – Expert in programs such as: MS Word; Excel, Access; Front page; OpenOffice; Adobe Photoshop, Adobe PDF. CRM’s – Act; Panther; Sugar CRM; Quickbase; MS Access, GymSales, SalesForce, ProsperWorks, Zoho Management – Call Center Trainer; Business Planning; Financial Forecasts for Start-ups/SME’s. Events: Event planning for many companies

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Data Mining
Sales Letter
Lead Generation
Customer Relationship Management
Call Center Management
Cold Calling
Facebook Development
Hourly rate US$25.00 - US$25.00
Member since 13 Feb 2012
OpExpert LLC Avatar

OpExpert LLC

Rating is 5 out of 5.
5.0/5  (24 jobs)
Reading, United States

OpExpert was founded in March 2016. We are a woman-owned business based in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania specializing in Human Resources services. We have offices all over the United States and provide Talent Acquisition services to clients all over the world. Our consultants have leading industry experience and have worked with many of the world’s largest companies. Our mission is to provide our clients with world class service and to exceed their expectations. We are growing rapidly.

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Internet Recruiting
Human Resource Management
Human Resource Information System
Employee Training
Employee Engagement
CTM Communications Human Resource Manager
Payroll Accounting
Hourly rate US$30.00 - US$150.00
Member since 22 Nov 2017
4Experience Avatar


Rating is 4.93 out of 5.
4.9/5  (23 jobs)
Bielsko-Biała, Poland

Virtual and augmented reality development is our core competency. We offer full stack solutions and software development services at the highest quality possible on all existing platforms and devices. 4Experience is a team of passionate, experienced, self-driven software experts and engineers who can extend your team or independently deliver custom-tailored solutions. Join over 200 happy clients who trusted our Development Team! We help businesses gain competitive advantage with technology and software development. Our support starts with conceptualization & reaching up to your product launch and maintenance, as well as training your team. Our key domains: - Professional sector (e.g., soft and hard skills training, education, safety training, training for - manufacturing) - Consumer-facing solutions (e.g., e-commerce solutions, product configurators, entertainment) - Consulting & development services (e.g., research & development, consulting offer) Our key technical skills: - Application development with Unity 3D (C#) - Virtual Reality with Valve Index, Meta Quest 2, Pico Neo Eye 3 Pro HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro, Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Daydream - Augmented Reality with ARKit, ARCore, Vuforia - Mixed Reality with Microsoft Hololens 2, Magic Leap, Mira Prism - 3D design with 3Ds Max, Maya, Blender, ZBrush, Photoshop, Snap Studio3D

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Game Art
Oculus Rift
Employee Training
Mobile App Development
3D Design
3D Modeling
3D Animation
Hourly rate US$53.00 - US$65.00
Minimum project size US$5K+
Agency size 51-200 workers
Member since 14 Jan 2016
nuTandem Avatar


Rating is 4.49 out of 5.
4.5/5  (23 jobs)
Portland, United States

Located in Portland, Oregon, nuTandem is a Microsoft Partner focused on building SharePoint systems that meet each customer’s unique needs. In addition to getting things up and running, we specialize in providing the tools, documentation, training and ongoing support to keep your system performing and growing for years to come. nuTandem’s standard offerings include review of existing artifacts, in-depth requirements gathering, and consultation regarding usability, maintainability and general best practices. We will always make sure we understand your specific needs before we start developing. We work with all aspects of SharePoint, including custom architecture, data management, reporting, permissions, workflow (automation), navigation and search functionality. We also provide documentation, training, user adoption assistance, continuous improvement mechanisms and ongoing support. We have built countless scalable, flexible, dynamic and engaging SharePoint systems. We specialize in creating collaborative environments that foster organizational culture and goals. We have usability (UX/UI) experience and will ensure the layouts and navigation are intuitive for your diverse users. nuTandem knows how to get the most out of SharePoint, including: Site architecture planning and setup Document management and sharing Apps and web parts, out-of-the-box and custom developed Custom pages displaying key content and templates for quickly creating new pages Intuitive navigation plus powerful, custom search features Access and permissions management for users, groups and external visitors Custom workflows to automate work, save time and avoid mistakes Deep, custom SharePoint branding and Responsive Web design (RWD) Migration of documents, web content and other data We use SharePoint for our own business, and we build better systems because we use it every day. nuTandem has decades of experience in the softer side of things, such as: Hearing your needs Designing software that does what you need it to do Providing easy-to-follow, custom-tailored documentation Training end users and administrators Professional project management On-the-fly screen-sharing and teleconference support Usability studies and user adoption programs Ongoing relationships with a dedicated contact A passion for helping organizations get the most out of SharePoint nuTandem believes in building partnerships rather than just completing transactions. We also put a lot of energy into honing the processes we use to plan, design, build, test and document every system. Our careful approach enables us to set up high-quality, custom-tailored software quickly and cost-effectively. Have an idea? Want to know if something's possible? Just ask. We love solving unique problems in SharePoint. Here’s a list of a few of the things we’ve already built. All of our solutions work with SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint Online (Office 365). We have more than a decade's experience developing custom SharePoint systems for a wide variety of customers. We have extensive experience with SharePoint's out-of-the-box capabilities, including site architecture, app configuration, workflows, permissions, navigation and web parts. We also have vast experience extending SharePoint, including custom branding/themes, custom forms, custom web parts, and dynamic pages that combine data from multiple sources. We can build custom UI components, such as tabs, accordions and modal popups. Using the REST API, we can pull data from anywhere in your SharePoint system, and then format it however you want using JS and CSS. If needed, we can integrate SharePoint with other systems. We hope we get to work with you soon!

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Technical Support
Requirement Analysis
Business Analysis
Customer Support
Employee Training
Software Documentation
Hourly rate US$100.00 - US$100.00
Member since 15 Oct 2015
Excellence in Workmanship Business Support Services Avatar

Excellence in Workmanship Business Support Services

Rating is 4.55 out of 5.
4.6/5  (20 jobs)
Sta Ana, Philippines

I have more than 5 employees working for me. With different skill sets ready to work on different tasks given to them. If the job requires completion within a certain period of time, we give focus to that task and use all manpower we had to make sure that we attain the desired results within the given timeframe. I as the manager is very much familiar and an expert in training, so if there are task which requires following instructions, I will take the opportunity to study it first, do the tasks first hand and then train my team members on how to do the required tasks.

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Email Support
Technical Support
English Tutoring
Training Online LMS
Customer Support
Employee Training
Microsoft PowerPoint
Hourly rate US$3.00 - US$7.00
Member since 30 Oct 2018
Digisquad.RV Avatar


Rating is 4.95 out of 5.
5.0/5  (16 jobs)
Teresa, Rizal, Philippines

A group of digital entrepreneurs who have been working for Real Estate Business in the US for years with diverse skill set and knowledge. We have Transaction and Listing Coordinator, Leasing and Property Management Specialist, a Real Estate marketing VA, a Project Manager and a website master. The team has been a part of outsourcing industry for an average of 10 years. We have gone through the corporate ladder starting as CSRs. Now, most of us have management roles within our own companies while other have been successful as digital entrepreneurs. VISION Our Vision is to become the most trusted provider of business solutions globally, where digital entrepreneurs love and dream to be a part of. MISSION Our Mission is to build a world-class, reliable and the most trusted team of digital entrepreneurs that will become the top choice for clients, ranging from small business to corporate organizations. Governed by passion, integrity and excellence; we aim to be your best choice for your Real Estate Business Solutions. We are committed to providing excellent service, that is universal and limitless. ROLES Real Estate Trainer Real Estate Administrator Transaction and Listing Coordinator Appointment Setter Leasing Assistant Property Manager Property Management Admin Assistant Bookkeeper Web Designer

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Employee Training
Data Entry
Google Docs
Property Management
Google Sites Administration
Hourly rate US$8.00 - US$40.00
Minimum project size None
Agency size 2-10 workers
Member since 26 Jun 2018
HRHealthcare LLC Avatar

HRHealthcare LLC

Rating is 3.7 out of 5.
3.7/5  (13 jobs)
Trabuco Canyon, United States

After 23 years in the industry, the team at HRHealthcare, LLC. decided to alter direction. Now, we share our passion by helping others developing programs of excellence in human resources, recruitment, and payroll. Our ramp up process is designed to empower your team and outfit them with the tools they need to succeed. Talk to us today about how we can support your growth, limit your turnover, and put you on a solid track to success and profit.

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Mergers & Acquisitions
Employee Relations
Training Online LMS
Policy Development
Employee Training
Employee Engagement
Employee Communications
Hourly rate US$65.00 - US$65.00
Minimum project size None
Agency size 2-10 workers
Member since 8 Jun 2020
Woods Kovalova Group Avatar

Woods Kovalova Group

Rating is 3.66 out of 5.
3.7/5  (11 jobs)
DENVER, United States
Rising Talent

In an era defined by relentless change and complexity, effective Human Resources management and strategic business planning are more crucial than ever. Since 1998, Woods Kovalova Group has been at the forefront of HR consulting, insurgent recruiting, and business strategy, offering unparalleled expertise to help organizations thrive. As one of the leading HR, Recruiting, and business strategy companies in the world, we serve an impressive roster of clients across all industries, including Whirlpool, Google, Johnson & Johnson, the US Army, small businesses, educational institutions, and utility companies. Revolutionizing Talent Management with an Insurgent HR Approach Demographic shifts, new talent expectations, alternative work arrangements, and digital technologies are fundamentally transforming HR operations. In the face of relentless uncertainty and complexity, where the "new normal" is anything but usual, a bold and insurgent approach to HR and business strategy is essential. This approach is about challenging the status quo, embracing innovation, and adapting swiftly to change. It’s a dynamic, forward-thinking method designed to thrive in an unpredictable world. What to Expect with Woods Kovalova Group: Improved Business Outcomes: We specialize in optimizing talent recruitment, development, and retention strategies to drive measurable business results. Enhanced Employee Experience: Elevate employee satisfaction and Net Promoter scores by refining HR practices for maximum impact. Superior Quality Services: Benefit from HR services delivered with exceptional accuracy and efficiency, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge digital capabilities. Cost Efficiency: Leverage shared services and automation to enhance HR efficiency, resulting in significant cost savings. Strategic Business Insight: Align HR policies, processes, and systems with your overarching business strategy to ensure cohesive and strategic growth. Our HR Consulting Experience & Impact: With a rich history of over 500 HR engagements in the past decade, Woods Kovalova Group brings a wealth of experience and proven impact to the table. We specialize in: Swiftly identifying sources of value and developing strategies to capitalize on them. Aligning HR policies, processes, organization, and systems with your overarching business strategy. Providing comprehensive capabilities, including operating model redesign, process redesign, shared services, outsourcing, and offshoring. Leveraging advanced analytics and automation through Vector℠, our integrated digital delivery platform. Our Promise: Our dedicated team of seasoned HR consultants combines industry expertise with innovative thinking to address your organization's unique challenges and opportunities. With Woods Kovalova Group leading the way, you can achieve sustainable results and navigate the evolving HR landscape with confidence. Let's Transform Together.

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HR & Business Services
Diversity & Inclusion
IT Recruiting
Employee Training
Human Resources Consulting
Company Policy
Employee Onboarding
Hourly rate US$85.00 - US$150.00
Minimum project size US$1K+
Agency size 11-50 workers
Member since 23 Jul 2017
Add Point Labs Avatar

Add Point Labs

Rating is 5 out of 5.
5.0/5  (10 jobs)
Granada Hills, United States

We are a niche consulting firm based in Los Angeles, CA and Lisbon, PT that helps large and small companies to implement structure to their customer support and operations departments before scaling. We are seasoned experts at understanding business operations, identifying pain points and problem areas, simplifying and streamlining processes, and leveraging a variety of technologies where possible. We are reliable, transparent, and always deliver solutions that reflect business goals and consistent customer experiences over the long-term. Specific areas of expertise include: Zendesk implementation and consulting, customer experience, customer self-help, workflow and automation solutions, business process improvement, e-commerce, team training and on-boarding, and standardized reporting.

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Employee Training
Logistics Management
Google Apps Script
Hourly rate US$40.00 - US$225.00
Minimum project size None
Agency size 2-10 workers
Member since 22 Jul 2019
Deep Infosystem  LLP Avatar

Deep Infosystem LLP

Rating is 5 out of 5.
5.0/5  (9 jobs)
Meerut, India

Deep Infosystem LLP is a leading service provider in IT | Google Workspace(G Suite) | Graphics Design | QuickBooks support, headquartered in India. Our group is a team of highly motivated & professional individuals. We have completed noteworthy work in the below fields. We have around 10 years of experience in Professional Services, handling multiple teams and entire systems. ✔️ IT Support ✔️Graphics Design ✔️Art Pencil sketch & Digital Services ✔️QB Support Technical Support & Networking: ● Microsoft Windows & Server, AD, Security, Firewall, WIFI, Log Monitoring ● Remote Desktop Services and Data Backup Solution, Database management ● Hardware and Network troubleshoot Windows Security, updating of windows drivers. ● Setup of VPN, LAN, WAN, Router, Cisco Switch, Laptop, Helpdesk support System: ● MS Windows: 10 ● MS Windows Server: 2012/16/19 ● Mac OS Google Workspace & GCP Cloud: ● Google Workspace (G Suite): Google Email & Drive, Create G Suite (workspace) Account ● Navigate the Admin Console Google G Suite data Migration, Create and Modify User Account ● Use System Roles to Delegate Duties to Users, Remove and Restore User Accounts, Manage ● User Passwords, Manage G Suite Services, Configuring Drive Storage, G Calendar ● Google G Suite & Microsoft Outlook emails setup. ● Google Cloud Platform services: Virtual Machine (VM), Cloud Storage, Project access. Security: ● Internet/Network Security with Duo Security MFA (Part of Cisco) ● VPN Security ● Escan Antivirus corporate security and web console Software: ● Support for Intuit Quick books & Drake USA Accounting software and SLACK, Jot Form ● Setup Insightly CRM for company database, IFTTT, Zapier ● WordPress website: Theme & plugin setup, domain and hosting setup. Voice: ● 8x8, Ring Central VOIP, Cisco, Polycom IP phone system. Graphics Design Services: ● Posters, Flyers, Banners ●Logo development and brand collaterals ●Animation ● Icons and infographic ●Brochures ● illustrations, etc. Drawing & Sketch Portrait: ● Design Styles & Hand-Drawn sketch ● Illustration ● Illustration Projects: Character, Family, Book Technologies we work on: ✔️Google Workspace ( G Suite) ✔️Microsoft Windows & Server ✔️Quick books Implement & support ✔️Google cloud Platform ( GCP) ✔️Computer Hardware & Troubleshoot ✔️ Graphics Software ✔️Wacom Intuos Tablet for Digital Drawing ✔️Pencil Draw Sketch ✔️QuickBooks Support Our awards & Certification: 2019 🏆 Google Cloud Certified in G Suite ( Workspace) 2020 🏆 Google IT Support Professional Certified Thank you! Be in touch!

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Technical Support
Network Administration
Cloud Management
Employee Training
Microsoft Server
Data Entry
Hourly rate US$10.00 - US$30.00
Agency size 2-10 workers
Member since 4 Jun 2021
Kallex Learning Solutions and Design Avatar

Kallex Learning Solutions and Design

Rating is 4.94 out of 5.
4.9/5  (7 jobs)
Paranaque City, Philippines

We are a group of Instructional Designers with extensive experience in building high-quality training modules. Services we offer: * E-Learning Development using Adobe Captivate or Articulate Storyline * Graphic, Audio, and Video Editing using Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, InDesign, Audition, etc.) * Basic Moodle installation and administration * Wordpress installation * Proofreading We are very flexible with our working hours and we will be happy to work closely with any existing freelancers you work with. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Microsoft Word
Adobe Audition
Compliance Training
Employee Training
Microsoft PowerPoint
Adobe Illustrator
Hourly rate US$20.00 - US$35.00
Agency size 2-10 workers
Member since 22 Jan 2020
TweakBits Avatar


Rating is 5 out of 5.
5.0/5  (7 jobs)
vadodara, India

We are a team of 10 developers. We all have more than 17 years of experience in Java, J2EE, XML, Web Services, CSS, HTML, LINQ. PHP, heritrix, lucene, IBM WebSphere Lombardi, web development, postgresql, oracle, mysql. Each member of our team is committed to work for quality and in time. We are experts in handling hosting migrations,email migraitons, cloud migrations, backend architecture, mobile app development. We have around 13 years of experience and have wroked for search engine technologies, healthcare domain, hosting domain, DNS platform, Email Platform, IBM WebSphere Lombardi edition for Buisiness process management etc. We want to build creative, easy and maintainable solutions which can be extended in future. Contact us if you want to build high profile, well maintained projects. With thanks TweakBits team.

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Payment Processing
Domain Migration
Employee Training
Data Scraping
Mobile App Development
Hourly rate US$20.00 - US$120.00
Agency size 2-10 workers
Member since 8 Jun 2012
TwoVega Avatar


Rating is 4.93 out of 5.
4.9/5  (7 jobs)
Birmingham, United States

TwoVega offers a strategy for connecting humans to products and services in the 21st century. Our approach is built from expertise and experience over the last 10+ years. Our pitch is different in its ability to maintain a strategic, purpose-filled conversation while offering flexibility in adapting to your specific business. We aren't just talking about words pulled together to render copy and pasted product knowledge regurgitated to your prospects. Below are the services our agency offers: APPOINTMENT SETTING: Appointment setters are usually the first impression between a prospect and the company trying to make a sale. Appointment setting is the crucial point that is necessary for creating a sales opportunity. It is setting up an appointment for communication for a salesperson with prospective customers which could turn into a successful deal. MARKET QUALIFIED LEADS: Two Vega helps you keep your pipeline full of Marketing Qualified Leads. You can gain a competitive advantage and keep your brand top of the mind with your prospects. Every lead is different and might not fit in a cookie-cutter evaluation method. However, Two Vega knows how to get you to kick start your lead generation campaign, make decisions that are precise, and generate a great sales pipeline for you. CONTACT DISCOVERY: It is absolutely critical to identify the right person within an organization who is responsible for taking decisions that will affect the buying of your products and services. And standard lists do not provide that. VOICE VERIFIED LEADS: We are a company that specializes in voice verified leads and are leaders in the business. We make sure our leads are of high quality and completely reliable. Our team of trained professionals ensures every lead is real by contacting the leads and qualifying them through a series of relevant questions. We make sure that you are reaching out to only those clients that are genuinely interested in getting contacted. LEAD NURTURING: We build campaigns to guide and nurture targeted Leads down a curated educational funnel. The goal is to turn your Leads into high-quality Sales conversations. Two Vega's lead nurturing services help companies design and execute lead nurturing campaigns to meet their specific engagement goals.

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Outbound Sales
Sales Leadership
Lead Generation
Customer Relationship Management
Cold Calling
Employee Training
Hourly rate US$95.00 - US$155.00
Minimum project size US$1K+
Agency size 2-10 workers
Member since 15 Sept 2019

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Frequently asked questions

What is a corporate training company?

Also known as talent development agencies, corporate training companies design and deliver training programs to help organizations upskill their employees. They may also offer additional consulting services to help firms identify any skills and knowledge gaps that could be addressed by training solutions.

What do corporate training companies do?

To develop a robust talent development program, corporate training companies work with an organization's human resources department to identify training needs. Common areas in which employees need training include:
  • Soft skills like resilience, communication, and teamwork
  • Leadership development and management training to groom future managers and executives
  • Professional development, including accreditations for those who work in public accounting and financial services
  • Mentoring
  • Executive coaching
  • Sales training
  • Project management
Few organizations have the in-house resources to design training courses to meet the skills development needs of their entire workforce. That's why outsourcing the process to consulting firms is an increasingly popular alternative.

What are the types of corporate training?

The best corporate training programs offer flexible learning solutions tailored to the needs of a company and its workforce.
In the COVID era, online learning has become a popular option for many organizations, since it allows them to deliver online training sessions to remote workers. E-learning is often delivered via a learning management system or LMS, which uses data analysis to identify learning gaps. As well as real-time training sessions, e-learning courses may also include podcasts, interactive workbooks, and webinars that learners can absorb at their own pace.
Despite the expansion of online training services, many learners still prefer to have face time with their instructors. Methodologies like blended learning (a mix of virtual and in-person learning experiences) can offer the best of both worlds.

What is the best time to get corporate training?

New hires often need corporate training as part of their onboarding process. For example, they may need instruction on how to use software packages they are unfamiliar with, or guidance on how to deal with clients in their new role.
Established employees also have learning and development needs, which should be assessed regularly by managers and HR teams. Leadership training and diversity and inclusion awareness are examples of skills that can boost employee performance at the mid and upper levels of an organization.

What is the best way to search for a corporate training company?

Corporate training companies vary in quality, from world-class to mediocre. A good option when searching for training companies is to ask your network for recommendations on LinkedIn. You can also find highly rated training and development professionals on Upwork.