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HR From Argentina for various roles

Posted last month

Hey there!
our company is expanding and we are looking for talent from Argentina.

we're looking for an experienced HR who will be able to find our talents for various roles:

- Graphic Designer (preferably someone who can be head of designers)

- Digital marketer ( someone with a marketing experience & passion)

- E-commerce Site manager

our main focus is to find extremely SMART people over everything else, as skills can be taught.

for all jobs we will have:
- BSc degree from a university
- Critical thinking
- strong problem-solving capability
- Ability to recognize patterns
- strong math skills

we also offer bonuses on top of the Hourly rate if the person stay with us more than 3 months.

A bit about our company:
we're an e-commerce brand fully-remote, we create personalized & non personalized wall art for our customers in the US.

We shipped more than 250K orders to this date and we're growing.

- Harel

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