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Instagram Engagement and organic growth

Posted last month

Hi, I am a beauty business owner looking for someone that can spend time engaging and organically grow my instagram account so that I can market my business to my account to my target audience/ideal clients and ultimately covert and generate more sales.  We have two pages for our business. One is targeted to our Bridal hair and makeup clients and the other to clients looking for beauty treatments.

The ideal candidate for this will have experience and expertise in Instagram and knows how to
*Find ideal clients through hashtags, location, competitors and complimentary services accounts
*comment appropriately and in a positive way on current and potential followers posts using a wordbook as provided by me.
*organically grow my Instagram Following
*advice me in which hashtags are most appropriate to locating my target audience and which I should use in my social media posts
*no use of engagement pods, ghosts, fakes, shadow bans or restrictions please
*can use an excel spreadsheet or tool to track accounts that have engaged with and followed/unfollowed and ket me know if the accounts have followed me back or not.
*can engage at our most active time ( anywhere from 3-6pm AWST)

Preferably looking for someone with experience previously doing this kind of task for beauty and bridal hair and makeup businesses.

I will provide you with a wordbook of comments you can use for engaging, a list of locations close by and competitors accounts.

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