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Marketing Assistant with Strong Excel Skills

Posted 4 weeks ago

We need someone who knows  -

- Manage day to day advertising operations.
Creates daily, weekly, monthly reportings using google sheet.
- Optimize profits and revenue through data analysis on multiple marketing campaigns running
- Communicate with clients to setup new campaigns in coordination with developers and media buyers
- Work on advertising platforms to technical setup of all accounts.
- Someone who enjoys “execution”
- Have good bandwidth levels when required
- Is proactive in taking part and working
- Has good enough communication skills to be able to communicate with people who are not even the best at English (our vendors, and Filipinos)
- Good at technical work, and smart enough to figure out things independently when required
- Marketing operation in digital marketing related field is a plus.

Skills & Behavior:

- IT support job experience
- IT related jobs experience
- Excel & Google Sheet expert - Previous Data Analyst job.
- Advanced Data Analyst job - SQL experts
- Has learned any coding and has interest but is not a programmer.
- Consider oneself Techsavvy and computer IT expert.
- Majored in Finance and is Techsavy.
- Bookkeeper and Techsavvy.

2-3 years of experience corporate/startup environment a must.

About the client
Member since 13 Sept 2015

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Less than 30 hrs/week
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1 to 3 months

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