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Migration Plan from Oracle Cloud to New Oracle Cloud Account

Posted last month

Objective: Safely migrate our startup’s database and codebase from the current Oracle Cloud account to a new Oracle Cloud account under a different owner, ensuring all secure settings and configurations are preserved. This migration is necessary to continue discovery and pending development.


1. Assessment:
• Review the current database structure, including tables, schemas, and stored procedures.
• Identify all secure settings and configurations, including user roles, permissions, and encryption settings.
2. Preparation:
• Backup the entire database, including all data and metadata.
• Document the existing security settings and configurations in detail.
• Set up the new Oracle Cloud account under the different owner and ensure it supports all required features.
3. Migration:
• Set up the new cloud environment in the new Oracle Cloud account.
• Restore the database backup to the new environment.
• Reconfigure all secure settings and permissions as per the documented details.
4. Testing:
• Conduct thorough testing to ensure data integrity and security settings are intact.
• Test all application functionalities that rely on the database.
• Perform load testing to ensure performance is within acceptable limits.
5. Switch Over:
• Schedule a downtime window for the final switchover.
• Redirect application traffic to the new database.
• Monitor the system closely for any issues.
6. Post-Migration:
• Document any changes made during the migration process.
• Ensure continuous monitoring for performance and security.
• Plan for regular backups and disaster recovery for the new setup.


• Assign a team member to oversee each step and ensure all tasks are completed accurately and on time.


• Complete the migration within one week, with minimal disruption to ongoing operations.

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