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Need a Financial Due Diligence Specialist with Private Equity Experience

Posted last month

We are in the process of acquiring a private technical university that offers vocational degrees in fields such as veterinary technology, welding, truck driving, and other similar programs. We are seeking a highly experienced financial due diligence professional with private equity experience to conduct a thorough financial analysis for this acquisition and review our developed LBO model.

1. Historical Financial Review: Analyze historical financial statements, including income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.
2. Quality of Earnings: Assess the sustainability and accuracy of reported earnings, identifying any adjustments or irregularities.
3. Revenue and Profit Analysis: Evaluate revenue streams, profit margins, and cost structures.
4. Working Capital: Review working capital requirements and trends, identifying any potential issues.
5. Debt and Liabilities: Assess existing debt, liabilities, and off-balance-sheet items.
6. Financial Projections: Analyze financial projections and underlying assumptions to determine their feasibility and accuracy.
7. Red Flags Identification: Identify any potential red flags or financial risks that could impact the acquisition.
8. Tax Compliance: Review tax filings, compliance, and any outstanding tax issues.
9. Regulatory Compliance: Ensure compliance with relevant financial regulations and standards.
10. Operational Efficiency: Evaluate operational efficiency and identify opportunities for cost savings or process improvements.
11. LBO Model Review: Review and validate the LBO model we have developed, providing insights and recommendations for optimization.

1. Experience: Proven experience in conducting financial due diligence, preferably within the education sector or for vocational training institutions. Experience in private equity is highly preferred.
2. Analytical Skills: Strong analytical skills to interpret complex financial data and derive actionable insights.
3. Attention to Detail: Keen attention to detail to thoroughly review all provided financial data and documentation.
4. Communication: Excellent communication skills to interact with management and ask pertinent questions to gather necessary information.
5. LBO Expertise: Familiarity with leveraged buyout (LBO) models and experience in evaluating and optimizing such models.
6. Reporting: Ability to compile comprehensive reports summarizing findings and providing strategic recommendations.

1. Due Diligence Report: A detailed report summarizing the findings of the financial due diligence, including historical financial review, quality of earnings assessment, revenue and profit analysis, working capital review, debt and liabilities assessment, and financial projections analysis.
2. Risk Assessment: Identification of any red flags, financial risks, and areas of concern.
3. Actionable Insights: Specific recommendations for mitigating identified risks and improving financial performance.
4. LBO Model Analysis: A thorough review of the LBO model with recommendations for any necessary adjustments or improvements.

Application Process:
Please submit your resume, a brief description of your experience in conducting financial due diligence and LBO model evaluation, and any relevant case studies or examples of past work.
Note: The successful candidate will need to work closely with the university's management to gather required information and clarify any queries that arise during the due diligence process.

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