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Skilled Copywriter Needed to Develop Effective Lead Generation Scripts for Twitch Chats

Posted last month

We are seeking a talented copywriter to create and refine lead generation scripts for use in Twitch chats. The goal is to develop scripts that generate a high rate of favorable responses from streamers, leading them to join our Discord.

• Craft engaging and persuasive scripts for Twitch chat interactions.
• Develop and test scripts across different categories:
• Core Offer
• Core Offer with Discounts
• Lead Magnets (e.g., free streaming guide, free design consultation, free logo design, free streaming pack)
• Test the scripts with streamers to evaluate response rates.
• Analyze results and refine scripts to improve engagement.
• Ensure scripts are straightforward and effective for our lead generation team.

• Proven experience in copywriting, especially in lead generation and sales.
• Familiarity with Twitch and live streaming.
• Strong analytical skills to assess script performance.
• Excellent written communication skills.

• Experience in the gaming or streaming industry.
• Understanding of graphic design and branding.


$2200: Base Rate + Completed Deliverables Bonus + Royalties

• Base Rate: $500 for the project, including script development and testing.
• Performance Bonuses:
• $300 bonus for achieving 15 streamers consistently joining our Discord within a 7-8 hour work period with the [core offer script or discounted core offer] AND 25 joining with lead magnet.
• Additional $100 bonuses for each increment of 5 additional streamers (e.g., 25, 35), up to a maximum budget of $1,200. [core offer, discounted core offer]

If the script works and we use it, earn an additional 10% of every sale till a maximum of $1000 earned is reached.

• Finalized, easy-to-follow lead generation scripts for Twitch chats.
• Scripts tested in each category (Core Offer, Core Offer with Discounts, Lead Magnets).
• Documentation of all scripts tested, including response rates.
• Summary report with results and recommendations.
• Aim to achieve 15-50 streamers joining our Discord in a 7-8 hour period.

Opportunity for long-term collaboration based on project success.

If you have a knack for persuasive writing and are excited about engaging the Twitch community, we want to hear from you. Apply now and help us enhance our lead generation efforts!

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