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To make document for a project

Posted 2 months ago

Your task is to assist the team in the design of documents for Entry Finance.  There is a logo resource for your usage and any colours you use should be consistent or complementary.
You are required to use varied software, such as Excel, Word, Adobe or Powerpoint as a guide. These documents must be named according to the document names below.  You must ensure you proof read all documents for grammar and spelling and apply a consistent style format to fit with Entry Finances logo. For this exercise the email address for Entry Finance is : and the phone number is: .
Document 1 - First home buyer information flyer.
This document needs to have some information regarding your state and federal government assistance schemes.
Discuss briefly how guarantors could be an option for some people who are struggling with high home prices and low savings.
Ensure the contact details are included on the flyer.
There must be some pictures and varied colours used for attracting interest.
Document 2 - Presentation of how an offset facility works for use with clients over zoom.
This presentation is to demonstrate to your clients how an offset works and can save them interest off their home loan.
You will need to include a few pages/slides to explain your knowledge - 3 slides at a minimum, eg. Powerpoint, Canva etc.
Please use the Entry Finance logo and colouring as a guide
Pictures or visual representations are handy to explain the concepts
Document 3 - Blank Customer template for phone queries
This document is for when a client calls and you need to get their information to research options.
There should be spaces for their contact details, assets, liabilites, property values, loan balances, LVR etc.
This is a document you feel would be handy to use as a broker and can be done on any software format you wish
Document 4 - Monthly living expenses calculator sheet
This document is to give to your clients to assist them with working out living expenses, this does not include any loan or credit facility repayments but all other living costs.
This can be done as a spreadsheet or a manual table if you choose.
Ensure all costs are covered to suit all lving situations, pets, children, utilities, investment property costs etc.

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