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Stick Figure Cartoon Creator Hourly ‐ Posted 20 days ago

Less than 30 hrs/week
Hours needed

Less than 1 month

Experience level

I'm looking for a creative graphic designer who can create a very relatable character named Jojo. Jojo is a tall lanky stick figure car…

Flipbook Animation Animation Comic Art Famous Cartoon Illustration Character Design Freestyle Drawing Cartoon Art Adobe Premiere Pro Moho Toon Boom Harmony Blender Adobe Character Animator Adobe Animate Adobe Illustrator Adobe After Effects Adobe Photoshop Traditional Animation Whiteboard Animation
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Less than 30 hrs/week
Hours needed

1 to 3 months

Experience level

I am preparing my upcoming action platformer for a kickstarter campaign and early access release, and need some additional character an…

Flipbook Animation Character Animation Pixel Art Game
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