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Let's start with an idea: True translation is not a binary affair between two languages but a triangular affair. The third point of the triangle being what lay behind the words of the original text before it was written. True translation demands a return to the pre-verbal. One reads and rereads the words of the original text in order to penetrate through them to reach, to touch, the vision or experience that prompted them. One then gathers up what one has found there and takes this quivering almost wordless “thing” and places it behind the language it needs to be translated into. And now the principal task is to persuade the host language to take in and welcome the “thing” that is waiting to be articulated. It wasn't me who said that, but John Berger – the British poet, storyteller, playwright and essayist whose words I borrow to describe my attitude towards the complex yet thought-provoking translation process. I am a native speaker of Brazilian Portuguese with 10+ years of experience as an English/Spanish to Portuguese translator, SEO & localization specialist, translation project manager, copywriter, and researcher across the academic, journalistic, literary, marketing, finance and technology fields, among others. I am also an award-winning journal editor, able to perform high-quality text editing and proofreading, as well as manage (and participate in) collaborative work. Due to the depth and breadth of my academic background, as well as my keen sense of curiosity, I am skilled at working across a variety of areas, levels of complexity, and text genres, ranging from arts and humanities to technology and science.

 Here are some of the Brazilian and global companies I have collaborated with in recent years with outstanding results and performance feedback:

 • Samsung; • Bloomberg L.P.; • Pipedrive; • Kroll • Nubank; • Adwise Agency (an international online marketing company based in Ukraine); • Insight Timer App (one of the longest-running meditation apps); • Zazie Edições (a Brazilian-Danish publisher);
 • Linguistix Tank (a Canadian company focused on transcription, translation & localization services); • Piauí Magazine (also known as “Brazil’s New Yorker”);
 • Jornal Rascunho (one of Brazil’s leading vehicles for literary criticism).

 On Upwork, I provide the following services: • English/Spanish to Portuguese translation (literary, technical, medical, and academic);
 • English/Spanish to Portuguese translation/localization (websites, software, apps, and games); • English/Spanish to Portuguese translation/subtitling/captioning (movies and videos in general);
 • Translation Project Management; • Portuguese transcription (from audio or video files);
 • Editing and proofreading (articles, essays, business documents, and website content);
 • Research and content writing in Portuguese (for academic, journalistic, or commercial purposes); • SEO Copywriting; • Keyword research. I look forward to collaborating on your project with the utmost rigor, creativity, and competence. I would love to learn about the ideas you have for expanding your business and how I can help you achieve your goals with excellence and commitment. Look forward to hearing from you!
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