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OVERVIEW ========= Hello! I'm Mehedi Hasan Chonchol, an experienced software engineer with a passion for crafting efficient and scalable applications and solutions. With a strong background in SQL and database management systems and Java-based technologies, I bring 7+ years of industry-level expertise to the table. My goal is to help clients develop modern web solutions considering the best practices, optimize their solution and data structures, streamline the processes, and unlock actionable insights. EXPERTISE ========= ◘ SQL Mastery: Proficient in writing complex queries, stored procedures, triggers, and views for various database systems, including PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server. ◘ Database Design: Adept at designing normalized database schemas with a keen focus on data integrity and performance optimization. ◘ Query Optimization: Skilled in fine-tuning queries for improved performance, reducing response times, and enhancing overall database efficiency. ◘ Data Migration: Experienced in seamless data migration and transformation, ensuring minimal downtime and data consistency. ◘ Database Administration: Well-versed in database maintenance, backup and recovery, indexing, and security implementations. ◘ ETL Processes: Familiar with ETL processes to extract, transform, and load data between different systems, ensuring smooth transitions. ◘ Data Engineering: Have an understanding of Big Data Technologies like Apache Hadoop, Spark, Big Data Analysis and Management, Data Transformation, and Future Data Prediction. ◘ Report Development: Tabular Report Development using Jasper, RDLC, Crystal Reports, etc. Custom analytical, quantitative, and qualitative report development ◘ Data Visualization: Data visualization through generalized reporting engines, or through BI Tools i.e.: QlikSense, and Looker Studio. Analytical reporting dashboard development as per requirement. ◘ Software Development: Proper knowledge of SDLC process, enterprise-level software architecture, and development using Java, Springboot following Rest API, and Microservice-based application. Have a good understanding of system architecture, Load Balancing, Clustering, CI/CD, DevOps, and Docker. ◘ Cloud Computing: Experience working with Development, Migration, Deployment, and maintenance of web applications in AWS, GCP, and Azure Cloud platforms. APPROACH ========= My approach revolves around client collaboration and tailored solutions: ◘ Understanding Needs: I work closely with clients to comprehend their unique requirements and challenges. ◘ Custom Solutions: I design application and database architectures and solutions that align with the client's goals, ensuring scalability and future growth. ◘ Optimization: I optimize queries and indexes to boost performance, enabling an excellent user experience along with faster data retrieval and analysis. ◘ Constant Communication: I maintain transparent communication, providing regular updates and insights throughout the project lifecycle. ◘ Quality Assurance: I rigorously test and validate solutions to ensure they meet the highest standards of accuracy and functionality. TOOLS & TECHNOLOGIES ===================== ◘ PostgreSQL ◘ MySQL ◘ Oracle ◘ MSSQL ◘ Java ◘ OOP ◘ Rest API ◘ Microservice ◘ SDLC ◘ Git ◘ Jenkins ◘ Docker ◘ Cloud: AWS, GCP, Azure ◘ IntelliJ IDEA ◘ SQL Developer ◘ PGAdmin ◘ MySQL Workbench ◘ MSSQL Developer ◘ Visual Studio ◘ Notepad++ ◘ Any Cloud Tool SOFT SKILLS =========== ◘ Excellent communicator ◘ Always deliver on time ◘ Team Collaboration ◘ Decision Making ◘ Team Motivation ◘ Team Leading ◘ Project Co-ordinator LET'S COLLABORATE ================== ◘ Ready to optimize your data and harness its potential? I'm excited to discuss your needs and contribute to your success. Feel free to reach out to me for a detailed consultation and project proposal. ALRIGHT! ======== Okay, so thank you for considering my profile. I look forward to the opportunity to work together and deliver outstanding results. Let's transform your data challenges into opportunities for growth!

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  • SQL
  • Database
  • Database Query
  • Database Optimization
  • Database Development
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • PostgreSQL Programming

Get started working with Mehedi quickly with these predefined projects.

Get started working with Mehedi quickly with these predefined projects.

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"It was a great experience working with Mehedi. He is highly knowledgeable on his stack. He just boosted my business contributing in SEO, SMM and other Technical needs. Highly recommend."

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