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Advisor for Artists and Creative Businesses

★★★★★ "Wonderful to work with! Extremely responsive and willing to make things perfect!" Let me help you create a creative business or artistic career that works for your life and artistic goals! I advise creatives such as filmmakers and photographers like myself, who are thinking of starting their own businesses, who struggle as artists, or whose businesses are not performing. I support you in your creative endeavours: What do you want to say as an artist? How compelling is the project you are working on? How do you bring it in front of an audience? How can you find your unique voice? I help you uncover your life vision, and advise you on how you can translate this into a viable business and/or creative career that is both fulfilling and financially secure. For this, I look at all key aspects of owning a small business: Leadership, Marketing, Finance, Team Management, Lead Generation & Conversion, and Fulfilment. I help you automate this business as much as possible so that if you wish to step back from it in the future or sell it, you will be better equipped to do so. Having been at the intersection of business and art for most of my adult life, I have found my purpose is being both financially secure and having enough free time to pursue my creative endeavours. This is what I want to pass on to you. The notion of the starving artist is outdated. Financial security releases so much creative energy! In the last seven years, I have directed two award-winning feature documentaries, a short film that aired on national TV and worked on a handful of amazing film projects in various capacities, from homemade no-budget ones to multimillion-dollar affairs like 'Ronaldinho: The Happiest Man in the World', now airing on FIFA+ or "The World From Above" on Amazon Prime. All this, while owning a successful photography business, being a film university mentor for postgraduate students and freelancing so I can pursue filmmaking on my own artistic terms. I have found a lot of joy in this way of life and want to pass on the knowledge of how I got there. I will be honest but approach your situation with kindness and empathy. I help with: -Creating a roadmap for business, creative and personal growth -Assessing your current business and creative plans -Keeping track of personal and professional goals -Finding your voice as an artist -Providing tailored strategic guidance and support to reach your objectives -Discussing and validating business ideas and ideas for creative artefacts -Providing clarity -Being an accountability partner -Helping you get unstuck -Time management -Setting priorities, goals, and action plans -Writing business plans, and pitch decks for (film) grants and government programmes -Growing and scaling your existing business -Optimising your business performance -Creating structures to automate the business -Identifying strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement -Assisting in building a strong organisational structure, refining business processes, and implementing best practices -Offering advice and support on all key business aspects: Leadership, Marketing, Finance, Team Management, Lead Generation & Conversion, and Fulfilment Disclaimers: 1) There is a lot of crossover in what I do: I am an advisor (passing on my knowledge), a consultant (doing the strategic work you are struggling with), a mentor (a creative sounding board and industry expert) and some aspects of what I do are coaching-related (I ask the tough questions to help you gain insights). While I have two Master’s degrees in Business Management and Filmmaking, I am not an accredited coach. This is why I am calling myself an advisor since I am helping you with an experience you are currently confronting by giving advice based on my professional and personal expertise with similar situations from my own past. 2) In my own journey, I have freelanced on Upwork since 2018 and have tried out a great number of filmmaking-related jobs, mostly editing and subtitling. Some were successful long-term clients, others were single gigs. I have found the best fit for me was (film) consulting and advising people on their creative work and life. I mention this in case you are wondering why my "completed jobs" profile is populated by more technical jobs. My "in progress" jobs are starting to better reflect my status.

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  • Documentary
  • Career Vision Definition
  • Career Coaching
  • Business Process Automation
  • Business Planning & Strategy
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Creative Direction
  • Teaching
  • Pitch Deck
  • Screenplay Treatment

Get started working with Lukas quickly with these predefined projects.

Get started working with Lukas quickly with these predefined projects.

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