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SaaS Video: Software Demos, Client Onboarding, User Tutorials

Does this sound like you? You tried to create your own software tutorials and demos in-house, but became overwhelmed with the time-consuming process and the daunting learning curve of the tools involved--or they just ended up looking terrible and amateur. You're not alone. Immersed in this daily, it's second nature to me. I ease your burden by taking this major responsibility promptly off of your "to-do" list! My mission is to help SaaS/cloud based software companies attract, nurture, and retain customers using tech-savvy and strategic video solutions. My tech-oriented team and I, blending computer engineering expertise with a love for SaaS software, leverages professional execution, lean processes, and innovative technology. I don't run a traditional "video production company". We thrive in technical writing, creating demo environments, hosting software on virtual machines, and delivering 4K 60fps software captures and final products with our high-end graphics hardware. I can write and execute on technically advanced video topics with minimum guidance. I'm a geek who will get along with your developers! Mixing technical prowess with creative flair, we produce easy-to-understand, visually engaging software demos that your prospective and current customers will appreciate. My core offerings include software demos, walkthroughs, tutorials, training content, and app preview videos for mobile in select cases - all in 4K software capture or using animated UI/UX concepts from Figma. We do not do live videography/camera work. WHAT MAKES WORKING WITH ME DIFFERENT: As a creative technologist with a computer engineering background, I take an analytical approach to video creation. I've merged technical knowhow with a creative passion for video to create a unique value proposition for SaaS companies. I can quickly grasp technical concepts and hardware/software architectures, along with the ability to boil down complex software tutorials, technical training, and product demos. Most video production companies do not have extensive technical backgrounds, causing you to handhold and explain your technology, eating up much of your valuable time. + We understand the technical side of your product, so you don't have to spend time explaining it to us. + We specialize in creating screen recordings and setting up unique environments that accurately showcase your product's features and capabilities + We understand the importance of accuracy and attention to detail when it comes to representing your product through video, and our technical background ensures that your product is represented accurately" Here are the four types of SaaS videos we specialize in: - Product Demos/Software Overviews: introduce someone to your product at a high level, a perfect sales tool - Onboarding: get your new customers up to speed quickly and keep them as recurring revenue subscribers. Reduce constant Zoom calls and 1:1 support and automate through video. - Software Tutorial/How-To: from a deep dive single video to an entire training library, educate your customers, nurture, and retain them. - New Product Features/Introductions: a unique and effective Customer Success tool that renews customer excitement. WHO I WORK WITH: When providing video creation and consulting services, I work with: + SaaS companies + Technical and online learning companies + Software businesses Each of these businesses can benefit from the four types of videos we produce. I prefer to work with established tech startups with traction who understand the need for professional video content that helps visualize, educate, and sell their technology to consumers and investors. Also--although we can produce many different types of videos, we're only specializing on the four videos described above. There are many generalist video producers here on Upwork who can help you with a variety of tasks, but we're really good at videos for SaaS/enterprise software companies and the four types I listed above. HOW TO WORK WITH ME: Reach out to me here, or simply invite me to a job you have posted on Upwork. Thank you! NOTE: I am currently only supporting software/SaaS companies and/or any company who offers a software/SaaS product internally to their employees or externally to clients. I specialize in software demos, technical onboarding, and user tutorials. If you do not fall within this specialty area, I will be unable to support you at this time. Thank you!

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