Sok E.
Phnom PenhCambodia
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English-Khmer Translator

I am a native Khmer speaker who was born and raised in Cambodia. I graduated with the major of English from a recognized university in Cambodia since 2011. The major I took trained me to become a professional educator in English language. English is the main language used in college, both academically and informally. To be honest while I was in college, I was in a translation team that was created to strengthen our knowledge regarding translating skill. There were some materials we used as our source of translation such as, educational books, newspaper, magazines, movie scripts and short stories. After graduation, I have been using my skill in various jobs throughout the years up until now. Of course, my main skill is English educator so I have been working as an English teacher for many years if part-time is included. But my translation skill, writing skills have been improved and developed along the way through my own practice and research in the jobs. I am not only the English educator, but I am able to do the translation from English to Khmer and vice versa. I am also able to write, proofread, research and edit text related to my major field as well. Again, the later skills I just listed here are gained through my work in the jobs I have been working. For example, in Pour un Sourire d'Enfant (PSE), I was assigned and involved in the projects of newsletter club, which was designed to improve students writing skills. My main responsibilities were to proofread, edit and to give feedback and recommendation to students in their writing. Currently, I am mostly working as a private educator and translator as needed. As you may see that I got a few projects from Upwork about translation and I am an English educator and translator for some projects in the city I am living upon their request. For further details about me, you can contact me through Upwork or via my email and I will try to give you the quick response as soon as possible. Thank for your interest and your time to read my profile.
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