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A long time ago and in a land far away (just kidding...only one of these is true), I entered college like many people do: directionless and looking for the next party. It was a rough start to my academic career. A few months later, "Introduction to Creative Writing" was the only class I was passing. Admittedly, it was also the only class I was attending, but even after I adjusted my terrible habits and decided to show up for the other courses in which I'd enrolled, there was a reason I never skipped English. Whether with artistic flair or through concise, organized prose, I knew that I wanted to craft a career out of reading and writing. So, that's what I did. I acknowledge literacy is a foundational element of education and that, practically speaking, most people possess these skills. However, the amount of time I spend performing these activities for my clients (as well as practicing them in my leisure time) affords me a unique position in the copywriting marketplace. The fact of the matter is--this is all that I do. I read, and I write. Over the past 20 years, I've composed everything from love poems to landing pages for others, and I've relished every moment of the process. If you'd like more details about the type(s) of writing I provide for clients: I convince admissions committees to accept people into their university. I compose personal bios that build confidence in potential clients. I describe services or products that elicit intererst in prospective buyers. I generate creative ideas for people whose muse has disappeared. If you need help getting unstuck on a writing assignment, if you don't have the margin in your life to produce a writing task, or if you don't have the requisite skills for a specific writing project, I want to help. To me, there's no greater satisfaction than writing a story, an article, or even an email for someone who lacks the time or confidence to compose it on their own. I hope you will consider me for any writing or editing projects that require a dedicated and talented professional. Joe
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