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I'm here to give your book, script, or content the same attention, care, and experience I have given major publishers, producers of $100M+ films, and the world's largest tech companies. Gratefully, 15 years ago, my first book was picked up by Harper Collins, debuted on Amazon at #1, and enjoyed massive publicity to the point of becoming an answer on Jeopardy(!). I've been a professional creative writer ever since, as a fiction and nonfiction book author, co-author and ghostwriter - except for the fact I also love filmmaking and screenwriting and have, again gratefully, worked directly with my fair share of Academy Award-winning producers and directors here in LA. I'm passionate about all writing and I love what I do! I can - ghostwrite your piece the way I have for major publishers. - co-author with you the way I did on a book that debuted at #1 on Amazon in true crime. - coach you through writing your book or script like I have with dozens of writers. - consult with you on story/ rewrite your script the way I have with Oscar-winning directors and producers. - help you create content and articles that grab and keep eyeballs, the way I have for Oracle VPs, etc. I also know what it's like to bare your soul and invite others to help with your creative work. It's a little bit like standing naked on a stage and I know it's not easy. I hire friends, editors, and writers to read and edit my own work all the time - we are all in this together, and we can all use help! Also deep down in my resume is the fact I've been both a high school and university Literature and Writing teacher so - I have all the grammar and style stuff covered, and I've got an extra dose of patience. It's always a priority to maintain the right voice (usually, yours) while still crafting a page-turner that absolutely nails every single beat of story structure. I'm highly collaborative and easy to work with, partially because I've, well, seen it all. Fiction, nonfiction, film, television, web3, true crime, YA, fantasy, memoir, travelogue, medical, whistleblower, biography, technical writing, comedy, drama, content creation, you name it, I've written or edited it. Apart from my nonfiction and fiction book authoring and editing, I have 25 years of experience as a filmmaker - as script supervisor, development, casting director, editor, and composer. I've done quite a bit of various film and TV work at the highest levels over the years, always training myself to learn every facet of both the literary and filmmaking worlds. When it comes to screenwriting, it sure helps to have that kind of production experience. I always look at every project - book or film, from poetry to biz docs - from a holistic, high angle view in terms of commercial viability as well as artistic integrity. It always starts with theme. So the first question is - what do you care about? What do you need people to hear? Then we drop some structure on it, pay special attention to the voice - and work it till we're happy :) I'm here to help and happy to chat. And for the heck of it, apart from the fact that I've had 6-figure book deals with Harper Collins and The Pegasus Books Group, here are some other individuals and entities I've worked with, directly: Sean Penn, Roland Emmerich, Spike Lee, Kevin Smith, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, Jerry Bruckheimer, Chris Carter, Mark Gordon, Emile Hirsch, Scott Rudin, Jim Carrey, Mel Gibson, Heath Ledger, Jackie Chan, Jennifer Garner, Mark Hamill, Meat Loaf Aday, Jack Douglas (music producer—John Lennon), Ziggy Marley, Damian and Julian Marley, Brandy, Third World, Shabba Ranks, Shaggy, Fran Drescher, David Levy (Robert Altman producer), Ed Saxon (producer Silence of the Lambs, Philadelphia, Beloved), Larry Cano (producer, Silkwood), Niels Juul (producer Martin Scorsese, Michael Mann), Roger Corman, an Elder Scroll founder, Nebula and Hugo Award-winning YA author Nnedi Okorafor, Sony, Dreamworks, Walden, Centropolis, WB, MTV, Paramount, NBC, CBS, FOX, and my own indie films as writer/ director/ producer/ editor have gone to festivals including Montreal and Gasparilla. Whew! If you got this far - thanks!
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Get started working with Scott quickly with these predefined projects.

Get started working with Scott quickly with these predefined projects.

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Testimonials from past clients

"I hired Scott to edit my YA novel. Not only did I find him to be a phenomenal editor, his astute insights into structural issues greatly improved the flow of my work. His edits were on time, on point, and made sense. Scott is also very easy to work with, has a great sense of humor, and made the process enjoyable. I can strongly recommend Scott B.! "

Sharon M. | Author
Novel editing/ story consultant Dec 2022


"Only friends bought my first book. My second, a bestseller. Why? Scott B. His approach starts with over-arching theme and message, to the mid-level story arc and character development, to scene sequencing and finally, the nuts and bolts of paragraph construction and word choice. Scott’s screenwriter experience is especially helpful, making dialogue sharp and real. After an initial chat about my manuscript, he read it and sent back notes that we went over by phone. During the reworking, Scott was available. With version two, he was on hand again for fine-tuning. "

Rick R. | Author
Editing nonfiction Dec 2022


"THE BEST OF THE BEST. Highly recommend. Scott is a thought partner who will help you create a narrative that gets peoples' attention, move their hearts and drive action. He's a world-class writer that can turn that vision into market-ready copy and creative. This was one of the best hires we've ever made on Upwork. A truly good-hearted person that cares deeply about helping others achieve their goals. Scott has helped us focus a pilot, create countless marketing campaigns - including one for NASA - and and write amazing copy that gets results. We've been working with Scott for years and will continue to work with him for many years to come. Highly recommend. "

Leila B. | CMO/ Entrepreneur
Content creation - Marketing Dec 2022


"Have a project that needs the perfect wordsmith? Look no further than Scott B. - author of a best-selling nonfiction and master craftsman of content creation. With 63 glowing reviews on Amazon, you know his writing is top-notch. Plus, he helped me chart out my Solopreneur journey with stellar results! I can't recommend him highly enough - 10/10."

Jeremy T. | Entrepreneur
Content creation Dec 2022


"I've worked on two feature film scripts and one book proposal. Scott is very bright and reliable, which makes him easy to work with. His best attribute is his decades long experience in the writing game. "

Ken N. | Film Producer
Screenplay writing Dec 2022