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Greetings! Being a passionate game designer and developer, I treat my work as a Unity Game Designer and Developer as nothing short of an hobby that I take very seriously and treat with absolute love and passion. My passion for Unity Game Design and Development has earned me an experience that has rendered me capable of turning people's ideas about games into a tangible and playable reality that potentially millions can enjoy. My experience in the Unity Game Engine for the purpose of Designing and Developing Games for all platforms spans over 4 years during which time I have employed the fascinating tool for Game Design and Development that is Unity to my advantage and have given life to more than a dozen titles varying in genres on different platforms such as iOS and Android. I have designed and developed and very much CAN design and develop games in genres such as Hyper-Casual, Action/Adventure, Top Down Shooter, Third Person Shooter, First Person Shooter, Beat 'Em Up Fighting, Car Simulation and much more. I can work on various aspects of games such as level designing, coding, modification, optimization, integration of various functionalities such as IAP and advertisement of various types. I have worked for companies, individuals and on an independent capacity as a Unity Game Designer and Developer. I have created games from scratch, have worked on major updates for on-going projects and have added major or multiple minor changes and functionalities to existing games. I have worked on and can work very well on small, medium and large scale projects pertaining to Game Design and Development in the Unity Game Engine. I use Unity as my tool of preference for game development and design primarily owing to its user-friendliness, a vast array of services and tools that go with it, and a huge marketplace that is its asset store. I know my way around this marvelous tool of creation perfectly well in order to create games that are par excellence. I am also an experienced C# programmer. As the primary language for coding in Unity, C# has been the language I have made efficient and optimized use of to create several functionalities for games wherever and whenever need be. I always make sure to keep my code well documented for maximum readability. Believe me, given the right amount of time and budget, I can code ANYTHING for you. I have earned my skill as a Unity Game Designer by working on various aspects of Game Designing in a variety of games. I have designed levels from scratch, have worked on all aspects of UI in Unity, have created customizations of various types (customizations in car games and changeable character skins are two examples of such functionalities) and more. Perhaps a proof of my skillset and qualitative craftsmanship when it comes to Unity Game Design and Development can be the simple fact that various games I have worked on have earned DOWNLOADS that are MILLIONS in number! Feel free to take a look at my portfolio for a better understanding of what I have worked on. Thank you for paying a visit and I am looking forward to connecting with you. :)

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Get started working with Faraz quickly with these predefined projects.

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